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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live Jazz at Emiliano's

Emiliano's Cafe features live jazz every Monday and Wednesday, starting at 4pm. There, you can try Chef Ali de Paz's favorite menu item: The Paellaita (the one-person paella serving).

Paella Emiliano’s, $20 ($36 for two)

The smaller version of the Spanish staple still packs a savory punch. Rice with saffron, chicken, shrimp and mussels lies on a plate with artichokes, pimentos, peas and asparagus. “It’s a very traditional dish that reminds me of spending time with my grandparents in Spain,” says Ali, who’s been head chef at Emiliano’s now for 27 years. “It’s the one dish that can fit everyone.”

7 SE 1st Ave, 352-375-7381

Photos: Rodney Rogers, Jason Henry

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