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Friday, September 4, 2009

ZIP-ing Around Downtown

Last night (9/3) we caught the new Gainesville shuttle service, ZIPcarts, zipping around downtown.

These little environmentally-friendly carts are completely free, and as their Web site says, they’re designed for distances “long enough not to want to walk, and short enough to feel a little silly about driving your car.” Plus, they run until the bars close. Sounds perfect for when you need a little lift downtown.

According to a recent Alligator article, the ZIPcarts have already given rides to a thousand students since their debut August 17. They can pick you up between 34th and SE 7th streets, south of 16th Ave.

Need a ride? Add their number to your phone: 877-ZIP-1352. Or you can check out their Web site.

By Amelia Marty. Photo by Rodney Rogers.

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