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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

UF Faculty Art Exhibit at the Harn

Celeste Roberge
Chairs for Mining

As an engineer, I appreciate art in a different way than others might. As I walked into the 45th Annual Faculty Art exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art, I was welcomed by Chairs for Mining. After I read that each chair is made of a different mined metal—copper, iron and chromium—I immediately wondered which weighed the most.

The 2009 Faculty Art exhibit opened on Oct. 6th at the Harn Museum of Art. More than 30 faculty members are participating in the exhibit, submitting art ranging from photography to sculptures to paintings and even a video. All of the faculty involved teach in the College of Fine Arts.

Nan Smith
Glazed earthenware with china paint decals, wood, stainless steel

Nan Smith’s Balance is described as a young female at the point of self-evolution and great potential in life. I enjoyed the unique volume that appeared transient yet paused in space due to the disks being balanced on tall thin rods.

Jerry Cutler
Mangrove Habitat
Oil on canvas
From the Collection of Hector Puig

One painting that will instantly draw your attention is Mangrove Habitat by Jerry Cutler. This painting depicts the tangle of branches and roots within a mangrove. It was painted with oil on canvas, allowing the artist to provide a rich texture to the foreground and less texture to the background.

Check out
Museum Nights Thursday, Oct. 8, 6-9 pm, to see the exhibit. Food will be provided. The 45th annual UF Faculty Exhibit runs at the Harn Museum until Jan. 10th, 2010. Admission is free.

—Timothy Carswell; photos provided by the Harn Museum of Art, Alllen Cheuvront Studios and John Knaub

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