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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morningbell Debuts First Music Video

Let's Not Lose Our Heads by Morningbell from Eric Atria on Vimeo.

Check out Morningbell's first music video for its single "Let's not Lose Our Heads." INsite writer Joel Mora, who helped make the video, gives us a glimpse into the shoot process. Check the band out live on Dec.4 at Common Grounds.

Shooting a music video can be like pulling teeth, but with a band like Morningbell all you have to do is hit "record." For its new album, Sincerely, Severely, the local band decided to shoot a video for its first single “Let’s Not Lose Our Heads.” Instead of just making a bland performance video, the guys wanted to incorporate stop-motion techniques. “The song just has such good energy, and we thought the rhythm of it would fit that theme of stop-motion,” bassist Eric Atria says.

He hired local photographer Andrew Ford to help with the photographs that were used to put the video together. “It was very exciting and we only spent about four hours taking pictures,” Andrew says. After realizing that they would need more pictures, Eric called me up to help with some video that would piece it all together. All it took was three takes—the band rocked it as if it were playing in front of a crowd. Eric even admitted that the shoot was physically demanding. It’s hard to believe that such a great video came out of just two days of shooting, but it’s largely due to Eric’s editing, Morningbell’s music and some special moments by drummer Chris Hillman.
Who knows? This success might bring on more videos. Look for a review of Sincerely, Severely, soon.

—Joel Mora

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