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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ten Tenors: Ten Times the Talent

If you've had enough of auto-tuned pop stars, a special treat awaits you at the Phillips Center tonight (10/3). The Ten Tenors, an Autralian-bred, world-renowned musical group, come to Gainesville at 7:30, bringing with them the mesmerizing quality of ten classically trained voice boxes.

As students at the Queensland Conservatory of Music, The Ten Tenors formed in the mid '90s as a way for the guys to make some extra money and express their art in a more modern, fun way. Now after having toured the world many times over, singing everywhere from the depths of the Petra Caves to South America and tonight for the second time right in our backyard, the Ten Tenors are recognized throughout the industry as a leading musical ensemble. "In this industry its hard enough to get a gig," Tenor Stewart Morris says. "It's very exciting to be a part of this group."

In 2006, the group embarked on the creation of its first album, Here's to the Heroes, recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios. The album was a success, reaching gold and platinum status.

The group's newest album, Nostalgica, is a compilation of the group's own spin on fan favorites.

"We wanted to take some ideas from the fans," Stewart says. "We took some modern classics and put our own spin on them."

Stewart's favorite songs to play off the album are Breakfast At Tiffany's "Moon River" and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." "It's nice to be up there singing, look up into the crowd and see people singing along," he says. Although the Tenors work hard at their craft and spend the whole year practicing, touring and performing, having fun is at the foremost of this group's list. "We are just ten guys who sing good songs and don't take themselves too seriously," Stewart says.

Tonight, expect a light, fun atmosphere, as the Ten Tenors' live performances are known to be filled with quirky repertoire and plenty of sing-along opportunities. The Ten Tenors will perform tonight at 7:30pm at the Phillips Center, 315 Hull Road. Tickets are available at the Phillips Center Box Office or by calling 352-392-2787 and start at $30.

—Stephanie Granada

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