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Friday, February 26, 2010

Mixing It Up at The Reitz: Tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor!

Week five of my bartending leisure course was just what I expected. The night was filled with samplings of various tequilas, with Patron topping everyone’s list of favorites. According to the instructor, Wonton, there is not much mixing with tequila. It is more about sipping and tasting the different levels of tequila ranging from Tequila Silver, 100% Blue Agave in its purest form, to Reposado, which is considered “aged” or “rested” tequila because it sits in wood barrels for up to 11 months.

Wonton classified the margaritas of the night into three categories: The Simple Margarita, which he called the “Seminole,” is made with any type of low-end tequila, triple sec and sour mix. The next level he labeled as the Golden or “Miami” Margarita, mixing a combo of the same ingredients as above except for a higher end of tequila like Jose Cuervo. The highest on the list, and my favorite drink of the night, was the Perfect Margarita or as Wonton called it the “Gator” Margarita. This delicious drink called for 1 1/4 of Patron, 3/4 triple sec (we used Patron’s version of triple sec called Patron Citronge) and sour mix.

As for that sugar rim that makes our margaritas look so pretty, Wonton let us in on a little secret. “The Mexican restaurants do it wrong!” he says. Next time you want to impress, try this out. Take a wedge of lime and brush it along the edge of the outside (note: the outside, not the tip) of the glass. Then, take any type of margarita salt and coat the outside of the glass with the salt. This strategy will keep the salt from seeping into the drink when you are ready to pour the frothy liquid in. Squeeze some extra lime or splash some Grand Marnier Liqueur on the top and you are good to go. Stay tuned next week for what is sure to be an interesting

night of shooters and the final night of the bartending class.

- Brooke Aronoff


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