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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walk it Out

Sean Kelly

Last night's walking clinic at Sharab Lounge showed a lot of promise for this year's Gainesville Fashion Week coming this April. The feeling in the air was that of positivity and fun as 50 young, hopefuls lined up for their chance to work it out on the catwalk. Designer Bobby K's group of four "Core Models," Senta Achee, Janice Erlacher, Megan Alfaro and Chanel Bird (all gorgeous girls, seasoned walkers and previous INsite models), split up to show some fresh-faced models the ropes. But this was no America's Next Top Model walking class with Miss J. There was no mocking or cynicism here. As Bobby K announced at the event's beginning, "We aren't here to break you down, but to bring you up." 

Before the clinics began we officially announced our INsite Cover Model Contest , and the search for our next cover model began. And of course being a GFW event, we spotted a lot of trendsetters. Look our for them this week in our Look of the Day posts! 

Want to get involved in all the fashion festivities? Here's what you do:

Apply to be INsite's next cover model here

Apply to be a Gainesville Fashion Week model here

And submit your very own Look of the Day to 



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