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Monday, May 18, 2009

Career Fashion Makeover

Career Fashion Makeover
Who would you hire? We talked to experts at UF's Career Resource Center (and even put an intrepid reporter through a mock interview) for our May Career Guide, pg. 17. Then, we subjected four readers to interview-outfit makeovers to save you the embarrassment of making common mistakes. Can you tell which is the "before" and "after?"
- Even if you're interviewing for a creative position, a little bit of
"trendy" goes a long way.
- Sleek back your hair to appear more polished!
- Did you know that gold for guys is a "power color?"
- It helps to tuck in your shirt.)

For tips like this, and to see who gets the job, check out our May Career
Guide, page 17.

PHOTOS: Sean Kelly



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