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Monday, July 27, 2009

INsite Retro Barbecue Photo Shoot

One hot summer Friday last month, we threw a retro barbecue for some local models and caught the whole thing on camera. But it wasn't all fun and games -- the whole shoot had to go down in about two hours!

"It was just so crazy," says stylist Stephanie Granada, who had to somehow keep track of all the samples and accessories on the way from Scissors Salon to Cabana Beach (while the sun was going down fast!). Thankfully, she says, the models were really patient.

Stephanie and Sean collaborated on ways to approach a retro vibe that would still be appropriate for readers. "Shooting with modern clothes, models and technology and still trying to
keep the retro look we were trying for was constantly on my mind," Sean say. "I wanted
to do the best job possible because everyone's efforts were riding on my pictures."

Intrepid INsite intern Alex Martin gamely volunteered to pose with his friend, teammate Clark Burckle, with the models for our July shoot. Luckily, they were used to walking around in their suits -- they're both on the UF swim team and had just left practice to come to the shoot.

But shooting this many people makes things interesting. "Making this size of a group look good was one of the hardest parts," says photographer Sean Kelly. "One and two
people are relatively easy to shoot, but lighting, directing and positioning seven models was a first for me."

Photographer Sean Kelly got real friendly with the sand to get the best shot as the sun set on our July retro barbecue shoot.

"It was about 159 degrees that day, and I had wet sand on my hands, in my pockets, all over my cameras, and generally in places not appropriate to mention," Sean says. "After it was all over, we jumped into the pool and packed up and went home and drank a lot (of water)."

See the full spread in July, page 24.

Photos by Sean Kelly

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