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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TV20 Talent Show

TV20 Talent Show
Last month, INsite got to go backstage at TV20 for the taping of their talent show, which airs on TV20 Mon-Thurs 6-7am in July. We even got to go backstage into the Production Control room, very cool!

In this segment, break dancers Misti (yellow) and Mandi (pink) of Monozygotic, with DJ Jarad Bowens (aka "G") in the background, compete in a two-minute clip. The twins travel to battles all over, Gville, Ocala, Tampa and Orlando. Director Gabriel Tyner even tries his hand (or foot?) at break dancing.

Vote for your favorite during the month of July:
TV20's Talent Show airs Mon-Thurs 6-7am in July.
PHOTOS: Sean Kelly


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