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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hip-Hop Buffet

Hip-Hop Buffet

Last Friday (6/26), we were invited to attend the Hip-Hop Buffet at Common Grounds, hosted by UDTV and Brandon B.

Six performers competed to appear on UDTV on Fox in September, but one of the most exciting parts was the freestyle rap contest, which reminded us of 8-Mile. The crowd cheered for their favorite contestant(s) until the final best competed in a final round around 1am!

Self Made Records was the crowd favorite, and will appear in September on Fox. He also will receive one song professionally mastered at GK Mastering and two Hours of recording at SKYLAB Studios, among other prizes.

We really liked 10Sack, from Lake City, at last Friday's Hip Hop Buffet. Here (yellow), his younger sister watches at Common Grounds. Here's his MySpace:

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