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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great American Trailer Part Musical

Great American Trailer Park Musical

The Great American Trailer Park Musical, the Hippdrome's hilarious new show playing from now until June 28, is full of raunchy humor and north central Florida trailer-park charm. Here, Norman brings flowers to his new love interest, Pippi, who is getting ready for a night of collecting dollar bills, something Norman can relate to.
The entire cast of The Great American Trailer Park Musical (from top left, clockwise): Jeannie, the agorophobic housewife; Norman, her tollbooth-collection-worker huband; Pippi, a runaway stripper; Duke, Pippi's crazy ex-boyfriend; Linoleum, who is horny because her husband is on death row; Betty, the manager of Armadillo Acres, the most exclusive trailer park in Starke; and Pickles, who suffers from hysterical pregnancies and gaining
weight after eating a lot.

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