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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Plain White T's

Plain White T's
After suffering through a hot and humid Tuesday evening (6/30) waiting in line to meet the Plain White T's at the Venue, we joined roughly 450 people who came out to see the show. They opened with local band T13C (who put on a flawless and high-energy show), Day's Difference and Company of Thieves, led by Genevieve Schatzm, who sounded like an early Gwen Stefani.

The T's played a three-part set, thus, the theme: The Three Part Harmony Tour. This was their last stop in Florida.
The first set of the PWT's was a typical upbeat set and featured fan favorites like "Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk," and "Our Time Now."

The stage was stripped down for the next set, which lead singer Tom Higgenson said should feel more "intimate." "I want it to feel like we're playing in your dorm room," Tom quipped. The highlight of the second set was easily the band's current hit, "1, 2, 3, 4."

The last set of the Plain White T's at the Venue June 30th was nothing but rapid-fire pop madness with a 30-minute medley of songs. The band slowed it down for their 2008 Grammy nominated hit, "Hey There Delilah," which even had some of the security staff singing along!
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