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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dance Alive Costume Garage Sale

Dance Alive National Ballet held their 10th Annual costume garage sale on Saturday (Sept. 26). The dance company is in the process of consolidating their costume warehouse space from four buildings to one and there is much to be sold.

People from all over Gainesville gathered hours before the event’s official 9am start time to snatch up their picks from this year’s top productions.

Dancers, moms, theater teachers and thrifty fashion gurus stomped the yard in front of Pofahl Dance Studio with hands full of tutus, leotards, flapper dresses, leopard leggings, chiffon gowns, fabrics, ballet shoes—you name it—from previous Dance Alive productions and community contributions. Judy Skinner, who is the resident choreographer and Director of Grants and Arts Education Programming said some of the more popular pieces were the Nutcracker costumes and authentic Hawaiian outfits, all of which were sold at a mere fraction of the regular price.
With most items going for $1 a pop, it’s clear to see the value of this event. I managed to score a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired tulle skirt for only $2, which can be easily worn over leggings, tights or a fitted dress, as well as underneath a skirt to add volume and flare to any outfit.

The money earned from the garage sale will go toward funding educational arts programs that have been cut by both the county and the state. “But I’m a happy camper,” Judy said. “Sales have been great.”

Dance Alive’s next fundraising event will be a performance on Oct. 3 at Eastside High School.

—Brooke Johnson

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OpenID xopeach55ox said...

This turned out wonderful! I love my tutu that I bought.

September 28, 2009 at 2:21 PM  

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