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Monday, September 7, 2009

Opening Night at The Hipp

The Hippodrome Theatre was abuzz Friday night for the fall season's opening night. People young and old shuffled up the front steps that were decorated by batches of sky blue and white balloons for the premiere of Up.

Set in the 1990s, the play by Bridget Carpenter is a family drama inspired by the real-life "Lawn Chair Larry" a.k.a Larry Walters, a truck driver who took flight in a lawn chair lifted by weather balloons from his backyard in 1982.

Although inspired by Walters' story, Up goes deeper. It's focus is protagonist Walter Griffin, his wife, Helen, and son, Mikey. Walter just can't seem to move on from his glory-days as lawnchair pilot, while Helen begs him to snap out of it. Mikey finally finds a friend -- Maria, a teenage mom-to-be -- and a job even, but he still struggles to find his way.

Up's characters have humor and wit, too, making it all-around entertaining. Opening night ended with a standing ovation.

Check out this behind-the-scenes interview with Dylan Kammerer (Mikey) and Jennifer Smith (Maria).

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