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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2-in-1 Beauty Essentials

Inspired by our October 2-in-1 beauty story, we went to the local makeup haven Beauty Loft to ask owner Jessica what her favorite 2-in-1 products are. Her top five are listed below and are available in the store.

NARS The Multiple. The handy tube is more like 3-in-1. The stick can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks to add color and highlight.

DuWop Hands 2 Hair. This DuWop product is a lotion that smoothes hands and styles hair. Just put some in your palms and use the extra on your roots.

Bare Escentuals Sunscreen SPF 30. The eye shadows shade your skin from the sun and add a shimmering glow at the same time.

Astara Blue Flame Treatment Mask. This product doubles as a clay-based mask and an overnight-spot treatment. Pimples can be both prevented and healed with the same product

Moroccanoil Treatment. The oil can be used in hair to offset the damage of heat and can be used as a all over body oil to add moisture and glow.

—Story and photos by Ashley McCredie

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