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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Travel "Beyond Time and Space" at the Thomas Center

Often people walk into an art exhibit and think, "That’s not art...I could do that!" This is not the case when you walk into the Thomas Center’s main art gallery. The gallery is currently home to paintings by Carol Barber and blown glass by Sarah Hinds and Sky Campbell.

Carol's use of nature as inspiration is evident in most of her artwork. The acrylic paint allows her to add a rich texture and defining edge to her creations. She has been a full-time painter since moving to Gainesville in 2001. This is her second gallery exhibit; the first was at Santa Fe College in 2007.

While Carol's paintings adorn the walls, Sarah and Sky fill the volume of the gallery with magnificent glass creations. The center of the room showcases The Island of the Wild Things, which is a piece of Buckeye Burl wood embedded with a dense population of tiny creatures.

The figurines are made of lamp-worked borosilicate glass as well as furnace-blown glass. Everyone will appreciate Sarah and Sky’s vivid imaginations and the skills and artisanship it took to bring those thoughts to life. Sarah and Sky also have pumpkins, vessels and bowls on display.

All the art in the gallery is for sale and the exhibit runs through Oct. 18.

—Story and photos by Timothy Carswell

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