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Friday, November 13, 2009

Look of the Day: Eye-Catching

Victoria, mother and personal shopper
We spotted Victoria at a recent Dahlia event and immediately wanted to know her story. Her fur sleeves and eye-catching jewelry really made her all-black concoction just right. We soon found out she just recently moved with her husband (an eighth-generation Gainesvillian) and 3 ½-year-old twins to Gainesville from Palm Beach. She is an avid collector of vintage jewelry and clothes, and we believe her when she says she has “a store’s worth” of vintage jewelry at home.

These days, she is getting to know local storeowners and boutiques, and she promises she can find us anything, whether it’s haute couture, something we saw in a magazine or vintage YSL. And, true stylist that she is, she couldn’t help but provide us a few pointers as we stepped out of the dressing room and analyzed the reflection in the mirror.

Earrings: 1972 Yves St. Laurent, Palm Beach
Necklace: Mid-’60s 3-strand velvet Yves St. Laurent, Palm Beach
Bracelet: (hidden) heart-pendant 1980s Erwin Pearl, Worth Avenue
Blouse: From Dahlia
Sweater: Cashmere mink from Saks, (probably) Versace
Pants: Max Azria
Boots: “I don’t know, probably from Saks!”

—Photo by Sean Kelly

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