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Friday, January 29, 2010

Denim Dreams

                                              Pamela, UF anthropology and history student

Pamela strolled down Newell Road in this sweet denim outfit. Her knit sweater dress is perfect for winter and adds a great contrasting texture. Keep them guessing with faux denim leggings. They’re a special way to spice up jeans and fit perfectly underneath cute boots. Buckled, chocolate boots round out the outfit and pair nicely with the navy hue of the rest of the look. Pamela loves to mix trends and says she always wears wrist-fulls of bracelets to make any look stand out.

Jacket: Marshall’s, $30 
 Sweater Tunic: Hollister, $22 
 Faux Leggings: Hot Topic, $35 
 Boots: JCPenney, $45

-Brooke Johnson

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