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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Euro Street

Matt impressed us in this funky yet stylish look outside of Weimer Hall. His grey, acid-wash skinny jeans are an unexpected way to switch up monotonous denim and add a unique and memorable touch to an otherwise casual outfit. His lace-up motorcycle boots were seen in similar styles all across every major designer’s winter lines, and are an instantly fashionable item that every guy should consider owning. Pair these special extras with a simple thermal to maintain balance throughout the outfit. So what’s Matt’s secret to a “look of the day” worthy outfit? A girlfriend with a good sense of style and whatever’s clean in the morning.

Jeans: Social Collision, $30
Shirt: Gift, $0
Boots: Doc Martins, $98
Studded Belt: Hot Topic, $20

-Brooke Johnson


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