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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sugar & Spice

Kirsten, 19, UF anthropology sophomore  

We caught Kirsten leaving an anthropology class in Turlington looking 80s fierce and earthy hippie at the same time. Her denim jacket, wordly necklace and printed canvas bag scream flower child, while her knee-high boots and leather jacket point to a darker side. We love the way she can pull off cute and tough at the same time, and her fiery red hair is the icing on the cake. Kirsten describes her look as sloppy but put together. Her next investment will be really high boots. "I know this is really high already, but I want them even higher," she says. She chooses her outfit based on her moods and gets giddy over a good bargain. "I love my cheaper stuff more than a lot of my more expensive stuff," she says. 

Jacket: Forever 21, $35

Denim shirt: Thrift store, $0.25

Necklace: Lucky Brand, $30

Bag: Lucky Brand, $60

Belt: Thrift store, $2.50

Shorts: BCBG outlet, $9

Boots: Aldo, $85

-Stephanie Granada

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