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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classic Turned Trendy

Jin Hyon, UF mass communications PhD student

Jin might be a master in mass comm., but we think she may also know a thing or two about making a traditionally cute outfit trendy and chic. Her luxurious trench coat not only keeps her warm and cozy; it instantly and effortlessly brings elegance to any outfit. Its flattering mid-thigh hemline and tie-waist help Jin flatter her best features, and keep the look girly.

Her suede, to-the-knee boots are the perfect compliment to a longer coat, and the gray hue of the boots really works to break up the two pieces and allows them to be admired individually and as a whole. Jin stresses the importance of knowing the right fit for your body type and dressing accordingly in order the look your absolute best.

Coat, bag, tights, jewelry all from boutiques in Korea
Rack Room Shoes, $45

-Brooke Johnson

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