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Monday, January 11, 2010


Photo courtesy of Marilyn Patrick 

CATS want to be treated the same way as you and I. After all, they can sing, dance and even perform magic tricks. This was the message the musical gave to the audience at the sold-out performance last night at the Phillips Center. 

The performers, dressed in full costumes complete with tails and fur, began the show by prowling into the audience with green, glowing cat eyes. The cats danced in aisles and one frisky cat even selected a woman to dance with him. When the cats came by, the costumes' intricacy was evident. Their elaborate face paint gave each cat its own style. The set, filled with hiding places and holes, such as a giant oven, for the cats to crawl in and out of, was mesmerizing. The effects - strobe lights, streamers and fog - was enthralling. 

The songs in the musical are from poems and introduce different cats by their names and titles, like Grizabella the glamour cat and Gus the theatre cat. Each cat has its own story displayed through song, dance and props including swords and singing beetles. Although the show is entirely music and song, the powerful voices and intricate choreography overshadow the lack of dialogue. The dancers are full of energy and each cat has its own personality and style of dancing. The details with the choreography, costume changes and transforming set make this classic show worth seeing live. 

- Lane Nieset

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