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Monday, January 11, 2010

Blacked-out Knock-out

Rebecca, UF marketing student

Rebecca makes all-black look like a bright idea near the Hub in this monochromatic outfit.  The volume of her double-buttoned overcoat is balanced out by her fitted skinny jeans and ankle booties; two of winter’s hottest trends.  It’s hard to get away with an all-black ensemble during any other season, so now’s the time to break out those dark hues.  If you’re really itching for some springtime pinks and yellows, opt for a piece of statement jewelry that will draw attention to your face. Rebecca takes fashion tips from big-city street style and designers, and we’re happy she’s sharing her edgy look with us right here in Gainesville.    

Coat: Express, $76 
Express, $48 
Ankle boots & sunglasses:
Urban Outfitters, $65, $18

- Brooke Johnson

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