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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Say Potatoe, I Say Potatoh

Get down and dirty at the 11th Annual Great Air Potato Roundup. On Jan. 30, volunteers will make a party of removing the air potato, an invasive exotic plant that is known to smother and harm natural vegetation. Following the roundup, a celebration will be held at 1pm at Citizens Park, 1100 block of NE 14th St., filled with food, entertainment, prize drawings and a guest speaker, who will discuss the importance of removing air potatoes. “This is not just a volunteer event, but also a family-friendly one that educates the public,” says Ludovica Weaver, the marketing technician at Morningside Nature Center. “The celebration is a way to thank the community for all of their hard work.”

Volunteers are asked to bring their own buckets for collecting the air potatoes and to dress appropriately for the outdoors. Upon registering, volunteers will be assigned to a site where they will gather air potatoes from 9am to 11am. Space is limited, so register quickly at Nature Operations. Call 352-334-3326 for more information.

- Michelle Profis

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