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Friday, February 5, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out, Jeff!

Even though they ate their hearts out, none of the five contestants of the Kiss 105.3 Monte Christo Challenge could devour the towering seven pounds of food served up to them at Jeff's Deli Thursday (2/4) night.

The radio station partnered with the newly opened University Avenue restaurant for the challenge to give five competitive eaters a chance to win $105.30 and a t-shirt if they could complete the challenge.

The five contestants ranged from University of Florida professor Matt Andrus to amateur body builder Monty Sibley. Jeff's Deli served up a whopping three pounds of ham and turkey in between two one-pound slices of soaking wet French toast, paired with a pound of fried potatoes and a pound of marble cheesecake. Contestants’ strategies ranged from dipping their meats in water to help digestion to scarfing their faces while maintaining a light stationary jog. Contestant Jacob Stephens asked if he could vomit into a bucket and continue eating, but the judges refused his inquiry.

About an hour into the competition, Andrus had given up and left to teach a class, and the rest had thrown in the proverbial towel with no champion declared. Monty Sibley, 21, ate the most food but left only with a to-go box.

"As an amateur body builder, few things in life conquer me; that sandwich was one of them," Sibley said.

Check our Web site for a slideshow from the event!

—Text and photos by Jason Henry

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