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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Friday night’s Supervillains concert had it all: beer, skanking, high-fives and even a hardcore kick to the balls. That’s right, one fan volunteered to get kicked in the crotch by Smally, the sax player, for a free T-shirt. Dom, Skart, Dan and Smally played mostly their old stuff with the exception of two new songs, some improvisational tunes and a Sublime cover.

The show started out with some mellow reggae from The Crazy Carls and continued with Gainesville’s Boss Lady & The Company, a female-fronted band with a unique sound and wicked guitar solos. The Supervillains kept the crowd dancing and singing all night with their call and response bits, Gator chomps and promises of an after-party.

--MacKensie Gibson, photos by: Filipe Deandrade


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