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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dark and Sophisticated

Christopher , 21, Tecnicolor hair stylist

Christopher was seen at Lux Bar wearing a downbeat outfit that's anything but dull. In a sea of spring-time tints and St. Patrick's Day green, he added a hint of mystery to the scene with muted tones that left him looking refined. Christopher’s choice of deep blue shows us how to keep tones rich without losing all the benefits of black. His sweater is set apart from dark denim jeans with a plaid shirt in a lighter hue- adding a hint of color that breaks up the pieces and keeps the look from being drab. This urbane style is completed by killer boots that put an elegant twist on the combat trend.

Sweater: Urban Thread, 1117 W. University Ave. & 1512 NW 13th St., Oliver Hazard, $30
Collared shirt: American Apparel, $60
Jeans: Wolfgang, 1127 W Univerisity Ave., Cheap Monday, $70
Shoes: Hogan, $500

- Hallie Wunsch

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