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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Denim of a New Generation

This week, we caught up with Genetic Denim fit specialist Davey Napoli, who will be helping customers find the perfect pair of jeans at Dahlia during the Genetic Denim Trunk Show this Thursday (3/25), 6-9pm. Davey studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked with the designers of the New York-based line Heatherette. He went on to represent Galina Sobolev, the designer of Single Dress (recently featured on Bravo’s Launch My Line), before joining the Genetic Denim team in 2009. Look for Davey to match you with your perfect celeb-worth jeans this Thursday, and enjoy a DJ, champagne, discounts and a chance to win a gift card for the store for everyone who tries on a pair of Genetic jeans. Here's some background:

What is a fit specialist? Someone with an in-depth knowledge of what makes Genetic different from other jeans. As each person has a different genetic code, they have a different shape. We make jeans that accentuate women’s assets and fits to their body types. We offer fits for every woman.

What advice do you have for women trying on jeans? It’s all about comfort! We all have a variety of different fits, but there’s one pair of jeans in every one of our closets that we wear the most. Picture your favorite pair of jeans. Chances are, they are your most comfortable pair, and when you are wearing another pair, you would rather be wearing that favorite pair. A well-fitting pair of jeans should give you a surge of empowerment, knowing you look amazing.

What do you like most about Genetic Denim? The way they feel. Celebrities love Genetic. Countless A-List celebs wear our jeans and are often spotted in airports wearing GD. Why? Because they are sooo comfy!! Our denim is the softest denim in the market. The lightweight, super-soft denim often surprises customers at how structured they feel on. They really hold you in and make you feel your slimmest and most comfortable!

Any good stories about fitting someone or helping a celebrity? We’re fortunate to have a lot of celebrity fans and support. We’re often told we are their favorite by them or their stylist. We’ve seen photos of Reese Witherspoon, Shakira, Halle Berry and Ashley Tisdale in the same jeans photographed multiple times in the same week! That’s the ultimate compliment.

—Lane Nieset

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