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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Review: Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

Sometimes when we’re at work, we look out the window and fantasize about our secret desire to be a “kept woman.” You know the kind—she gets paid to look good, be social, maybe play a game of tennis and look past a pot belly or bald spot. And in return, she receives lavish jewels, budget-less shopping sprees and the envy of all the other women.

Well, Jillian Lauren did that—sort of. Some Girls: My Life in a Harem is the memoir by Jillian of her formative years, 1.5 of which she spent as the guest at the Sultan of Brunei’s palace. Well, even better; she was one of 40 girlfriends of his younger, more handsome brother, Prince Jefri. And of course you’ve heard of the Sultan, as he was, until recently, literally the richest man in the world. Yeah. And if you’re wondering if harems still exist? They do.

Jillian’s book (which we read in one day) is entertaining, yet in addition to a hefty dose of shock and awe—Dolce & Gabbana!, surveillance tapes!, sex scenes!—she includes the gory details of a less-than-idyllic suburban New Jersey upbringing, complete with a physically abusive father, a bit of bulimia and stripping in college to make ends meet.

But alas, after her stint halfway across the world at 18, Jillian returned to the U.S. for good. These days, she’s the wife of Weezer bassist Scott Shriner and the mother of a young son. And what did she do with all those clothes? Let’s just say, the babysitter loves her. And is she afraid of repercussions at having revealed the less-than-graceful liaisons of the twice-married (at once) prince? No, in fact; it would seem he would be flattered. You’ve really got to read the book.

Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, published by Plume, came out this week. Find out more about Jillian at


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