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Monday, April 26, 2010

Feminine Charm

Jillian McLaughlin, 21, biochemistry student

Jillian was spotted in this easter-inspired ensemble at Gainesville’s Laboratory Café of Science on University and 8th. Jillian’s ruffled dress is the epitome of feminine charm and girly spring-wear. Her choice of pastels in purple green and blue are in keeping with this season’s trend toward a lighter color palette. But the most charming thing about it is its origin. Jillian borrowed this dress from a friend who was gifted with it by an elderly, ex-swing dancing neighbor. Minimalist earrings made of Costa Rican coins make it all the more delicate and unique, and let Jillian light up the room with an air of springtime pretty.

Earrings: Costa Rica, $1
Dress: gift, $0
Sandals: Gap, $6

-Hallie Wunsch

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