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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion Party: Calzatura Celebrates Its 10 Year

Calzatura has had just the right touch to make it last in Gainesville for the past 10 years, but the store has been improving exponentially in the last few months. The price points, which have always been affordable have gotten even lower; and the clothes, which have always been cute, even more stylish. And now with the addition of carrying local designers that no one else is carrying, Calzatura is setting itself apart in the fashion community.

This is all fitting considering the store's logo change. What was once "Calzatura Chic Boutique," is now changed to "Calzatura Boutique: Chic, Unique and Affordable." The new slogan encapsules all the changes we have seen the store undergo.

Thursday, the store will celebrate its 10-year anniversary with Calzatura Cocktail Night, an event that promises food, art and deep discounts for all attendees. The cocktail night kicks off at 7pm, with everything in the store going at 40 percent off. That is a huge discount for a store that has all its merchandise priced under $100.

To help guests get into the celebratory mood, Calzatura will have cupcakes by the new gourmet cupcake store in town, Yum Cakery (which is amazingly yummy), and champagne.
"It is very important for us to support the local community," says Meghan Van Joosten, Calzatura's PR director. "There is a lot of great talent in the area, which everyone deserves to know about."

Aside from hosting treats from local vendors, Calzatura's Cocktail Night will also feature displayed artwork by Sergio Castro, a local artist with a lot of urban flair. The biggest local focus though comes from Calzatura's launching of three local lines, BobbyK, Courtney Lee Designs and Sironna. The three lines which are surprisingly affordable, establish Calzatura as a safe-haven for up-and-coming designers.

The selection of these designers points to Calzatura's motto of uniqueness, not only will the lines only be available at Calzatura, but they are also highly varied from each other. BobbyK is womenswear (and now also menswear), Courtney Lee Designs is a jewelry line, while Sironna is a swimwear line.
"We really want to show that every girl is a Calzatura girl, whether you are looking for something for a night on the town, day, the beach or even a cute new accessory, we got it," Meghan says. "The best thing is, we have it all at really affordable prices."

Calzatura Cocktail Night is on Thursday (4/22) from 7-10pm at Calzatura, 201 SE 2nd Ave.

- SG

Check back tomorrow to get the scoop on the store's revampment. We might even score a giveaway for you!

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