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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Posehn & gang impress at CGs

"You can take off your thinking caps. It's time for Dumb Dumb, The Giant Retard."
This sparkling prose was uttered by none other than Brian Posehn himself last night at Common Grounds, where he performed his stand up act for a capacity crowd.

Opening the show was the also bearded Kyle Kinane, a thoughtful yet angry man who opened his set with the line, "beards are mohawks for 30-year-olds," and ended with a hilarious account of drunkenly ordering the worlds biggest pizza, but forgetting about it until the next day when it's actually delivered, and you have to pay for it.

The warm up act was local comedian Rudy Mendoza. He told a story about hand sanitizer that I cannot in good conscience repeat, but go see him in town if you get the chance.

Pat Lavery, owner of Glory Days Presents! is responsible for bringing Posehn to town. This is the first time he's brought a national comedian to Gainesville, and he was excited about the turnout.

Glory Days is planning big things in the next few weeks, like Motion City Soundtrack on April 21 and Puddle of Mudd on April 23. Keep checking back at our blog for updates and your chance to win tickets.

-Jon Silman

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