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Sunday, April 11, 2010

GFW Day 4: BobbyK

Bobby K with models Senta Achee and Janice Erlacher

From the moment Bobby Kelley hit the stage for his pre-show speech, we knew we were facing a new man. He was calm and collected, the face of someone who knew there was nothing worry about. With three well-received shows under his belt, his grown-up, polished demeanor translated into the clothes as look after look showed a more sophisticated, in control woman.

The collection was cohesive with a palate of turquoise, brown, yellow, gold and pale neutrals. Before the show Bobby told us with this collection he was trying to dress a woman who wanted to look expensive without paying a lot. He came through with rich fabrics like gold lame and chocolate brown pleather. Bobby showed us shapes that were solid and structured, in the form of sleek, floor-sweeping Old-Hollywood gowns; high-waisted and wide legged trousers; voluminous skirts; retro-shift dresses; blouses, and sexy onesies.

After giving us a range of looks and shapes to remind us why we look forward to his shows, the BobbyK runway show seemed to come to an end. But we all sensed it was too calm to be true. After a video intermission, Bobby's girls came out reflecting the bold hems, saturated hues and out-there shapes we love him for.

He took it a step further with a more developed menswear component wrapping up the show. We got our first glimpse of BobbyK's menswear abilities last Gainesville Fashion Week , when he showcased two men's sweaters, but this time he took it further with swimwear, mid-thigh shorts, tees, hooded tanks, and our favorite: the men's harem pant, which was completely spring and surprisingly wearable. We hope Bobby will continue developing his menswear component. His flair and quirkiness is just what the men's department needs to take the "our choices are so limited" out of the equation.

Although Bobby's voice has evolved, the essence that makes him BobbyK still remains. He stays loyal to the basics: The Avant Garde hair team, which never fails to outfit with bold, wild-child hair. His love for Lady Gaga, which we saw sharply in his designs and crystal-encrusted glasses in his 2009 "Jack The Ripper" line, were also brought back last night, as a group performing a live rendition of "Bad Romance" kicked off the show. And his muses; the fiery redhead; the smart, bombshell blonde; and the saucy brunette, are still at the foundation of his line, showing that BobbyK is not just one person or look, but rather can fit all people at different times.

Bobby Kelley with Bryan Sepp and Robert Barron from Avant Garde Salon

-Stephanie Granada, photos by Sarah Hsu

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