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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Music: Sirenia Claire

Sirenia Claire may be a relatively new addition to Gainesville’s roster of bands, but since forming in the summer of 2009 the band has already managed to release a self-titled debut album, which is packed with enough soulful melodies and synthesizers to make even the most tight-lipped indie-music fan sing along.

Singer, Gabriella’s voice carries over the waves of drums and guitar to deliver every line with an emotional punch that forces the listener to sit up and listen to what she has to say. From the powerful melody of album opener “Our Lead Hearts” to the dark excitement and funky melody of “45 Confidential,” Sirenia Claire doesn’t leave any dead space on this album.

Every track is rich with multi-layered keyboard melodies and crunching bass lines, and the album will leave listeners ready for their next serving of Sirenia’s unique brand of synth pop. “With all the singles people download today, we wanted the album to be more than the sum of its parts,” says La Paix, who provides synths and vocals for the band and also produced the album.

Rounding out the roster are Joe Kraus (guitar and vocals), Ryan Knowles (bass), and Logan Fischer (drums). “I think each of us brings our own sensibilities to this band,” Gabriella says. “We put a lot of passion into our own music.”

Sirenia Claire will be performing tomorrow, April 8, at Common Grounds and April 21 at Market Street Pub, so grab a friend and spend a night dancing and singing along with Gainesville’s newest synth sensation.

Listen to the band here.

- Morgan Watkins

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