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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Electric Boho

Rebecca Scott, UF philosophy student

Rebecca was striking at The Top in this adorable, one-shoulder vintage dress. How did this throwback make such a trendy comeback? Rebecca shelled out a couple more bucks at a tailor to fit this dress perfectly to her shape, and we agree the end product was well worth the extra effort. With such a bright hue, it’s smart to pair neutral accessories like her camel-toned belt and metallic sandals, which add depth to the outfit. Go thrifting for trendy cuts and styles of the moment without breaking the bank like Rebecca, and save the big purchases for classic pieces that won’t go out of style next season-like a power shift dress or a fitted blazer. Start out at Gainesville’s Salvation Army, where Rebecca scored this cute, bohemian-inspired belt.

Dress: Vintage store in Mcdill, Tampa

Belt: Gainesville Salvation Army, $4

Sandals:, $24

Ring: China Town vendor, $7

- Brooke Johnson

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