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Monday, March 29, 2010

Italian Import

Calvin DiNicolo, 21, Federal government employee

Calvin was seen at The Ranch in Gainesville, in a look that embodies the understated individualism often found in Italian style. The UF grad’s casual attire in warm colors makes it genuine; creating a look that doesn’t try to be one. Italian fashion is often referenced for its unique ability to show off your best feature. Calvin’s choice of tapered denim achieves this by emphasizing his stature, and shows us how slim fits can make for subtly sexy menswear. Calvin’s choice of a white collared shirt keeps his look fresh and classic, and ties in with his laid-back choice of solid white footwear. Though style is in his Italian blood, anyone can achieve this look of quiet confidence with some practice. Just remember- European flavor is always in good taste. 

Glasses: $0 
Collared shirt: Express$40 
Cardigan: Winter Silks, present from mom, $0 
Jeans: Levi’s, $30 
Shoes: Marshall’s, Stacy Adams, $20 
Watch: Tissot, present from dad, $0 

- Hallie Wunsch

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