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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let Me Upgrade You...

Brussels, Belgium

Last night we met our new best friend. Well, that’s wishful thinking, but what isn’t wishful thinking is insider tips for saving literally thousands on travel costs, from plane tickets to hotels and even un-tapped hotspots. Johnny DiScala, or Johnny Jet to those in the know, is to travel what, say, Martha Stewart is to homemaking, and he spent two hours at the Orange & Brew (courtesy of RUB) giving us the types of tips that only 150,000 frequent flier miles a year could acquire.

So, because we love you, here are some highlights. For the full University of Florida-specific rundown, head to this site created just for you.

  • Use Priceline to bid on hotels and cars (rather than flights). And, rather than just blindly bid, head to to get prices that have recently been accepted. Cool, right?
  • Be flexible. Don’t specify the exact airport on the exact day and time you want. And always ask the desk if they’re overbooked and looking for volunteers (if you don’t need to arrive right away). You can find alternate airports here.
  • Don’t pack so much! Only bring a carry-on, so if you need to change planes abruptly, you can. For more stuff, ship it FexEx Ground to and from your hotel.
  • Travel agents can be your friend, especially for cruises or multi-leg journeys. They might also be privy to deals you’re not.
  • Talk to a human being at the actual hotel, not the 800 number, to ask for a better rate or free upgrade. Here’s how.
  • Package deals can be cheaper than the flight alone. Even if you don’t need a car or hotel, it might cost lest. Weird, right?
  • Consider renting a house or staying with someone if you’re staying a week or so.
  • Get paid to travel but working on a cruise or in another country over the summer. you could even become a courier for a big movie company. And, Johnny’s always looking for interns, so e-mail him for openings.
  • And, finally, the best place to go right now that you might not realize? Southeast Asia (especially Malaysia) and South America (especially Argentina). After spending on the flight, you’ll save the rest of the time.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

—MM, Photos courtesy of

P.S. Watch his incredible videos to whet your appetite.

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Blogger Carol said...

These are travel tips to live by!
I don't travel anywhere without checking out Johnny Jet's latest newsletters!
Carol Calicchio

April 15, 2010 at 12:48 PM  
Blogger Jaz said...

Budget hotels tend to have an in-room television for guests, higher priced accommodation may include a game player system as well as free movie channels.

Pousada Ubatuba

June 15, 2011 at 7:48 AM  

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