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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gainesville Fashion Week Faux-test

Fashion victims beware!

Last Friday (9/4) we spotted the crew from Gainesville Fashion Week picketing at the corner of University Ave and 13th Street as they held their “Faux-test” against bad fashion.

Their signs bore slogans like “HELL NO CAMEL TOE” and “NO MAS FAUX PAS.” It was a peaceful protest, and no arrests by the fashion police were made.

The demonstrators were promoting the opening of Gainesville Fashion Week, which starts tonight (Tuesday, 9/8) at 8:30 at Sharab Lounge at 8:30pm and runs until Saturday. GFW will showcase local and national designers and artists and will feature local boutiques and businesses. For more info and to purchase event passes, check out their Web site.

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Photos by Sean Kelly

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