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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gators go GREEK

What would UF's homecoming be without a little Greek participation? This year, it’s coming in a different form. While in the middle of filming episodes for their spring season, Scott Michael Foster and Amber Stevens—two stars from the hit ABC Family show Greek—will take a weekend off to visit UF and participate in the homecoming festivities.

Scott and Amber — otherwise known by their “Greek” alter egos Cappie and Ashleigh - are representing the “Pledge Yourself to Do Something” campaign. The campaign is a partnership between the show and the Do Something volunteering organization, which encourages people to seek out and work with charitable organizations in their own communities.

“We want to get the word out that [volunteering is] not just for people you see on TV,” Scott says. “Anybody can do it.”

“It’s really important to get involved with your community,” Amber says.

Each fraternity and sorority on the show is working with a different organization. Scott and his fellow members of the Kappa Tau fraternity have done work with the Will Ferrell-endorsed Cancer for College charity; Amber and the other female cast members are working with Girls, Inc. Global Green USA is also part of the campaign.

This weekend won’t be the first time a little Greek has hit UF. Last fall, the show’s cast members traveled the country visiting colleges to promote voter registration and encourage college kids to vote in the election. Scott and fellow cast member Dilshad Vadsaria, visited the UF bookstore to sign autographs.

“It was awesome,” he says. “It’s so cool to see the fans come out and support the cause or meet us and get autographs.”

Scott and Amber will take part in several of the weekend’s events: They will be riding a float in the homecoming parade, participating in Gator Growl, announcing the homecoming king and queen at the game on Saturday and signing autographs in the UF bookstore on Friday (10/16) from 3:30-5pm.

Amber and Scott are excited about their upcoming visit and about getting away for a few days.

“I actually have some family that lives in Gainesville,” Scott says. “I’m going to try to meet up with them.”

“It’s kind of an unexplored area for me,” Amber says. “It’ll be cool to meet everyone and to go to a college football game.”

“From what I hear,” Scott added, “those things are hard to get tickets to.”

--Amelia Marty

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