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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grooveshark Celebrates Millionth User

The eternal marketing question—how to get people to show up—was answered last night as people spilled over each other and down the street waiting to get into Sharab Lounge for "Grooveshark's Million User" party last night.

Grooveshark, a locally based, internationally known music streaming site, celebrated the commemoration of hitting one million users with a private party, for which the word "blow-out" is not an exaggeration. The consensus around the bar was that people were there for the free drinks. "Anything free in Gainesville, people flock to," I overhead one girl say. "It's sad, but true." Guess I wasn't the only one wondering where all the people came from.

The doors opened at 10pm; by the time I arrived at 10:30, there was a line outside the door, down to Ti Amo on SW 3rd. About 250 people shuffled into the club throughout the night. Adding to the allure of the night, Grooveshark hosted SoCal hip-hopper Del the Funky Homosapien for an intimate show, during which people crowded the DJ booth, eagerly dancing and singing along. In my more rose-colored viewpoint, although the drinks and free show with Del were beyond expectations, I think we were all happy to celebrate a local company's success and the diffusion of its law suit with EMI records. Kudos to Grooveshark for getting people out of their houses on a Tuesday night, dressed to the nines and dancing wildly rather than just casually swaying on the dance floor.

DJ Thomas and DJ Ernie Hotsauce killed it with their mix of dance and hip hop beats that kept the dance floor packed the whole night through. By 2am, when Sharab had no choice but to close shop, people were hesitant to leave. As the manager had to usher people out, the crowd gathered on the street waiting for the next move. The night was still young and no one was ready to go home. Off to the after-party.

—Stephanie Granada, Photos by Timothy Carswell

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