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Monday, November 9, 2009

Pan-hellenic Step-off

The stage at the packed Phillips Center quaked with resounding force as UF's fraternities and sororities went head-to-head at the annual Battle of the Greeks 2009 step show on Saturday (Nov. 7). This year’s theme was “Keep the Cameras Rolling,” and with inspiration from some of pop culture’s most well-known movies, TV shows and commercials, comic relief and nostalgia filled the room as the crowd sat on the edge of their seats—despite the Gator football game raging down the street.

In a quest for “the one,” to bring it to “stepping greatness,” Phi Beta Sigma took a trip into The Matrix. Dressed in black leather trench coats and dark shades, Phi Beta Sigma incorporated chairs and a black lights to emphasize the precision and difficulty of the moves. The frat also paid homage to Michael Jackson by dancing to his song “Jam.”

Zeta Phi Beta gave a glimpse of what it takes to earn a “Dove Ladies” jacket with an adaptation of Grease. Wearing black nylon leggings and royal blue jackets with “Dove Ladies” inscribed on the back, the ladies looked like they stepped right out of the late-50s. In a diner scene the women used lunch trays as props while doing intricate steps, and even created a human centipede.

Alpha Phi Alpha poked fun at with its performance’s theme "getting married." They started the performance with a video showing the boy-meets-girl process, and fast-forwarded to being inside the church once the guys took the stage. In addition to having the groom and groomsmen they also had frat members dressed as bridesmaids, who won the crowd over with a performance of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Delta Sigma Theta brought out its detective skills with an Inspector Gadget-themed performance. Unlike the original clumsy inspector, these ladies' performance was precise and coordinated. In addition to gadgets such as the Go Go Gadget helicopter using four girls, the show had a girl acting as the inspector’s niece, Penny, calling out plans of actions to help the ladies complete the tasks. Another highlight was the human bicycle.

Iota Phi Theta brought a "revenge of the nerds" theme with its reinvention of the sitcom Family Matters, with a focus on the relationship between Steven Q. Urkel and Laura Winslow. With suspenders and thick-framed black glasses, the frat encompassed the essence of Urkel. The occasional pelvic thrust throughout the performance was icing on the cake. The Iotas also brought back the Urkel Robot, who popped-and-locked his way into drawing laughs and the ever-so-cool Stefan Urquelle.

In a voyage to find its way back to the Phillips Center, Alpha Kappa Alpha went into fairytale mode with its "Alice in Ivyland" theme. Dressed in pink and green polka-dot dresses, the sorority gave Wonderland a run for its money. As the women declared their “prettiness” through stepping and dance, the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat were present, as was the Queen of Ivyland. The human staircase stood out, as one of the members ran up her sisters’ backs.

Kappa Alpha Psi had a "ninja" theme that was led by its version of the legendary Mr. Miyagi. With strobe lights, the frat created a Mortal Kombat battle scene that incorporated stepping with martial arts. Known for its use of red and white canes, the guys took on a challenge by Mr. Miyagi to use them while blindfolded, and without a flaw, the members executed the task, throwing and even swinging the canes within close proximity of one another.

Omega Psi Phi showcased its newsworthiness, literally. It's been said that the frat was “too wild and rambunctious,” so in an effort to show that they had a focused and hardworking side, it made the evening news, using Walter Cronkite to tell the story. As its signature gold boots pounded the stage, with every hop and step the guys took, the crowd was impressed with the members' athleticism. A standout move in the performance was the creation of a human tank wheel.

At the end of the night the eight judges had the last say. The winner in the sorority category was Delta Sigma Theta for its Inspector Gadget routine, and for the fraternities the winner was Alpha Phi Alpha for its EHarmony skit—good luck to them at the regional competition.

—Margaret Francois

Photos by Sarah Hsu

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