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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GFW Fall '09: Calzatura + Wolfgang Runway Review

If you haven’t been shopping lately, Gainesville Fashion Week should inspire you. The week debuted at Sharab Lounge with two shows that featured looks from local boutiques Wolfgang and Calzatura. The audience was an eclectic mix of college students and young professionals. Lifestyle Editor Stephanie Granada reviews.

Mini Madness

Calzatura bid farewell to summer by paying tribute to our favorite warm weather indulgence—the ultra mini. From casual frocks that looked like skirt-and-tank duos to steal-the-night jeweled, skintight getups, Calzatura gave us a show with lots of leg and fun.

Owner Robert Betancourt's Miami roots came through in his choice of shiny accents and patterned pieces, like our new must-have, the peacock-printed jumpsuit.

This fall we'll be pairing Calzatura's minis with thigh-high, over-the-knee boots and shrunken jackets.

It All Depends on Your Situation

The Wolfgang show took us through an adventure through time and social cliques that were combined into one collection in this 40-look runway show. Store owner Matthew Turner gave us everything from the sweet swing of the 20s and 30s with the lacy Charlotte Ronson looks to the collegiate androgynous nerd with a combination of button downs, suspenders, bow ties and thick-rimmed glasses.

We are loving the edgy accents that adorned the model's wrists, necks and waistbands and the ease at which we feel we could easily wear even the edgiest of looks shown—yes look 40, we mean you. We were very excited to see the guys weren't left out and we got loud and clear that the look for guys this fall is plaid.

Though each look was completely different from the rest, the show still held the cohesive spirit that lets us know it was created by someone with a knack for style. Last night, the runway delivered the message that Wolfgang has something for the free-spirited fashion glutton in all of us.

—Stephanie Granada
Photos by Sarah Hsu

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