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Friday, September 11, 2009

Visioneers Screening Review

Suffer from dreams? The characters of the dark comedy Visioneers do, and it has them literally blowing up. We got to watch this movie last night (Thurs., Sept. 10) in the smoky interiors of the Common Grounds. This quirky movie stars The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis, who plays George, a level 3 corporate drone who watches in fear as his colleagues explode around him out of frustration at their desolate, bleak lives. Visioneers follows George as he tries to hold it together in a loveless marriage and mindless job, seeking happiness hopelessly in materialism.

As the first feature film by director Jared Drake, Visioneers heralds the arrival of great talent. The film toes the line between edgy and mainstream, comedy and surrealism, such that it appeals to a wide audience. Being so well made, it seems hardly believable that the film was shot on location in and around the Drake family house and on an Indie-film budget no less.

While the film does sag in the middle due to its heavily melancholic tone, it stays consistently entertaining with its pop-culture parodies and its sarcastic depiction of dead-end jobs. Inventive editing and vivid imagery create searing scenes of dark offices and an equally dismal home life, but the film always has the allure of hope and humor. This movie is such an effective satire, you may come out of the movie too wondering if you’re just a “Tunt” waiting to break free or blow up. Visioneers is an explosively entertaining and relevant comedy that just might have you bursting ... with laughter.

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—Text and Photo by Allison Griner

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