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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Helen's headshot/ Corey Hayes

Helen Hong is OK with Asian stereotypes. In fact, she loves them. 

“Oh hero! I like to do math problems…on my abacus” she told the crowd in Orange and Brew Wednesday night. 

RUB Entertainment and the Asian Student American Union brought the adorable comic to campus. After UF’s improve group Theater Strike Force put on a hilarious 30-minute show, Helen took the stage. No topic – or attendee – was safe.  “I got my period when I was 10,” she said. “And this is what my mom literally says: ‘Helen, you must watch out for men.’ That’s it,” squinting her eyes. 

Helen’s reenactment of how she got her first apartment in New York also played up her Asian heritage. “Oh, it’s ok – I don’t need furniture,” she said in a soft voice. “I sleep on the floor,” putting her hand over her mouth to giggle. When she moved on to how horrible some Asian names are, Helen called out one man whose last name was Ho. “Were you made fun of your whole life…for being a Ho?” she asked. Then telling the crowd a story of her friend, Mia Ho, roaring laughter ensued. 

Helen’s riotous performance came from her variety. Wanting to be like Connie Chung, Helen said she spent four years studying broadcast journalism, only to realize you’re never employed in the major you choose. Helen then bounced over to dating, saying “I am so single, I recently did” Helen’s animated faces and interaction with the audience kept everyone laughing until the end. After starting stand-up five years ago, she’s appeared on E!, TLC and the Jay Leno Show’s Web site. “She was hilarious and just what we expected,” RUB Lectures and Comedians co-director Oscar Loor said. “There was a great crowd.”

RUB brings national acts to campus every other week, as part of its bi-weekly comedy series. On March 23, catch comedic hypnotist Sailesh on campus. Look for more details as the date arrives. 

-Nicole La Hoz

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