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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Music: Peasant

Photo from artists' MySpace

This came across our desks at INsite, and we couldn't resist sharing.
The new album by Pennsylvania-based artist PeasantShady Retreat, is equal parts Beatles and Death Cab - a mixture that sounds simultaneously familiar and fresh, liquid and soft. Damien Nicholas DeRose handles all the instrumentation with an easy sound that is at best soothing and calm and at worst a little repetitive and one sided, but when it works, it works. The opening track, "Thinking" is a flowy piano and harmony driven tune that clocks in at under three minutes, as do most of the songs on the album. In "Prescriptions," a humming tune with a waltz-like movement, DeRose sings, "I can't explain, how suffering and pain, can all but disappear." Check out an acoustic performance of the song here. Shady Retreat is the kind of album you can put on and unwind with after the rigors of the day have its way with you. 

Download Shady Retreat

- Jon Silman

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