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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look of the Day: Urban Cowgirl

Kaitlin, 21, UCF marketing student

Kaitlin describes her style as “thrifty-chic." She loves coming to Gainesville from Orlando to shop, and we love her for bringing her earthy edge to our streets. Her ivory vest and cowboy boots make this otherwise sweet floral frock sassy and unique. Kaitlin shows that the runway floral trend is doable from day to day.

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory, $25
Vest: re:sound, $30
Boots: Goodwill, $7
Bracelets: handmade and Lucky Brand, $20

—Brooke Johnson

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Noche de Gala 2009: A Special Night for a Special Cause

Less than two years ago, three-year-old Sebastian Ferrero died because of a chain of medical errors at Shands Medical Plaza. As a result of his death, his parents, Horst and Luisa Ferrero, founded the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation to advocate for a specialized children’s hospital to be built in Gainesville. Noche de Gala is an event to raise awareness and money for the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation. Horst calls Noche de Gala, “A special night for an even more special cause.”

This Saturday, October 3, Noche de Gala 2009 will be held for the second time at Besilu Collection, a 642-acre Paso Fino horse farm in Micanopy, Florida. The theme for this year is a Venetian masquerade ball and guests are encouraged to wear masks to the event. From the time guests arrive, they will be treated to a night of splendor.

The night will begin with valet parking and guests will walk up a red carpet to 1 of 13 guest tents all decorated as a Venetian opera house. Cocktails will be served while court jesters and magicians entertain the guests and an orchestra will play between events. There is also an exhibition of some of the finest Paso Fino horses at Besilu Collection. The feature performer is Ted Keegan, who played the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Other entertainment will include the band Carlos Oliva and The Judge's Nephews, New Century Dance Company, and opera singers Rhonda Nus Tinnin, Roberta Watson and Dr. Anthony Offerle.

In addition to watching the performances, guests will have the opportunity to walk through three barns to meet the Paso Fino and thoroughbred horses housed at the farm. There will also be a silent auction featuring cross-country getaways, autographed musical and sports memorabilia and original artwork. Other stops include Cuban cigars rolled on site, an espresso bar and a large dance floor.

Executive director of the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation Deborah Peeples expects about 900 guests this year — that’s 200 more than last year— and hopes to raise $1 million from the event. All of the money raised from the event will go directly to Sebastian Ferrero foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Ferrero are covering all the administrative costs of the event. The Ferreros will also match funds for all money raised at Noche de Gala.

Noche de Gala will run from 7 pm to midnight. For more information or tickets go to

--Story and photos by Timothy Carswell

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look of the Day: High-Waisted, High Hemlines

Hallie, advertising senior

Hallie's tube top and skirt combo is perfect for Gainesville's 90 degree temperatures. The comfy Keds keep this look casual and doable for trekking between classes. The next trend she is looking forward to embracing is winter footwear. Appropriately, her next investment will be in the perfect pair of boots.

Skirt: American Apparel
Tube top: Plato's Closet
Shoes: Keds
Backpack: American Apparel

At INsite, we are dying for some thigh-high boots.

—Rebekah Geier

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Checking in with "The Almost"

Last Friday (Sept. 25), INsite visited The Venue to see alt-rock band The Almost. We got tons of awesome pictures and chatted with the band. Read on to find out about their stage presence, footwear choices and how The Almost feels about Creed.

Check out the full article on our Web site!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Look of the Day: Relaxed and Cool

Alexandra, UF advertising junior

Alexandra sums up her outfit in one word: "cheap!" She's looking forward to the lower winter temperatures when she will finally be able to embrace one of her favorite trends: Layers, layers, layers. Her next big ticket purchase will be a Balmain-esque blazer with bold shoulders.

Cardigan, handbag and shorts: American Apparel
Tank top: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: mall kiosk
Accessories: Wolfgang and Urban Thread in Gainesville

—Rebekah Geier

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Dance Alive Costume Garage Sale

Dance Alive National Ballet held their 10th Annual costume garage sale on Saturday (Sept. 26). The dance company is in the process of consolidating their costume warehouse space from four buildings to one and there is much to be sold.

People from all over Gainesville gathered hours before the event’s official 9am start time to snatch up their picks from this year’s top productions.

Dancers, moms, theater teachers and thrifty fashion gurus stomped the yard in front of Pofahl Dance Studio with hands full of tutus, leotards, flapper dresses, leopard leggings, chiffon gowns, fabrics, ballet shoes—you name it—from previous Dance Alive productions and community contributions. Judy Skinner, who is the resident choreographer and Director of Grants and Arts Education Programming said some of the more popular pieces were the Nutcracker costumes and authentic Hawaiian outfits, all of which were sold at a mere fraction of the regular price.
With most items going for $1 a pop, it’s clear to see the value of this event. I managed to score a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired tulle skirt for only $2, which can be easily worn over leggings, tights or a fitted dress, as well as underneath a skirt to add volume and flare to any outfit.

The money earned from the garage sale will go toward funding educational arts programs that have been cut by both the county and the state. “But I’m a happy camper,” Judy said. “Sales have been great.”

Dance Alive’s next fundraising event will be a performance on Oct. 3 at Eastside High School.

—Brooke Johnson

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European Film Series Tells Migrant Struggles

While the European film scene tends to evoke the colorful, quirky Amélie and stunning Life is Beautiful in the minds of Americans, a new free film series aims to shed light on some powerful but lesser-told stories.

Last Monday night (9/21) marked the first of the two-part “Migration in Europe” film series at the Hippodrome with screenings of Spare Parts (Slovenia) and Das Fräulein (Germany/Switzerland), two recent internationally acclaimed works brought to Gainesville by UF’s Center for European Studies as part of their year-long “Engaging Migration in Europe” series of events, presented with support from the Commission of the European Union.

The festival continues at the Hippodrome today (9/28) highlighting ethnic and racial tensions in Europe with free screenings of Inch’Allah Dimanche (France) and Hop (Belgium) at 7 and 9pm.

Set in the 1970s, Inch'Allah Dimanche is the story of an Algerian woman, Zouina (Fejria Deliba) who emigrates to France to live with her husband, three children and mother-in-law. It was made in 2001 by French-Algerian director Yamina Benguigui.

Though she suffers physical abuse from her husband and verbal abuse of her mother-in-law, she makes friendships in France that carry her through the abuse and the culture shock and leave her more confident.

An African teenager named Justin must run from the law and struggle against racism in his white surroundings in this Belgian film directed by Dominique Standaert. Shot in black and white, the film follows Justin as he tries to rescue his father from deportation by aligning with Frans, an anarchist who builds bombs in his home.

For more info, visit For a full list of “Engaging Migration in Europe” films, lectures and workshops, visit the Center for European Studies' Web site.

—Ashley Spencer, Amelia Marty

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Urban Meyer's New Theme Song + Free MP3

What gets Gator football coach Urban Meyer--and his team of champion players--pumped before the game? A solo track by Sister Hazel guitarist Drew Copeland.

In a recent Gainesville Sun interview by Pat Dooley, Meyer connected his love of the song, called "A Little Like Heaven," with his love for Gainesville and for UF.
When the song was first released, Urban Meyer was the head coach at Utah. He knew little about Gainesville, the place Drew Copeland sang about with such passion on "A Little Like Heaven."

Today, it is Meyer's theme song.

He even made his children memorize the lyrics — like he did with his players and the Gator fight song — and pushes Copeland to play it every time the Sister Hazel member visits the lakehouse that the Meyer family owns on Melrose Bay.

"He made me play it twice the last time I was out there," Copeland said.

Want to hear it? You can stream or download Drew Copeland's "A Little Like Heaven" for yourself right here on INsite's blog.

Drew Copeland: "A Little Like Heaven"

Like the song? Download it here!

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"Food, Inc." Review: A Beef With The Food Industry

*Win free tix! See below.*

Private investigators, hired by huge multi-national corporations, prowl the perimeter of each plot of land. Dark windowless sheds dot a once pastoral landscape. And from inside the feces-encrusted walls of those sheds comes much of the nation’s food. Sound like a horror movie? According to the documentary film Food, Inc., this is merely the state of food production today.

Food, Inc. confronts the cherished delusion that the family farm is at the heart of Americana. Documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner exposes the reality that our food is actually coming from factory-like farms owned by a handful of corporate giants, to the detriment of all Americans. Featuring the commentary of best-selling authors Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma), this film reveals how a few large food corporations lobby for lower health standards and less oversight while continuing to make the process of food production more dangerous and more unhealthy.

Like many calls to activism, Food, Inc. may initially come across as radical or liberal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Food, Inc. is an appeal to all Americans, regardless of political party or beliefs. For instance, in the film, a Democratic Congresswoman unites with a Republican mother who lost her son to an E. coli infection. A local farmer against big business is as prominently featured as the founder of the Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurts, the third largest yogurt producer in the US. The documentary Food, Inc. attempts to be nothing if not balanced in its search for a solution to our looming food crisis.

Food, Inc. documents every stage food passes through, from its agricultural origins to the mouths of consumers. As the movie shows, many of today’s hot-button issues are affected by food politics, from illegal immigration to obesity and healthcare. The film’s implications are horrifying, but Food, Inc., for all its shock value, refuses to accept the status-quo. Instead, it appeals to America’s deep democratic ideals, calling for consumers to “vote” for healthy products with each purchase. As such, Food, Inc. frames the battle for higher food standards as the battle for the American spirit. The reality of the food industry may be less than appetizing, but Food, Inc. should leave all Americans hungry for change.

--Allison Griner

Food, Inc. premieres tonight at the Hippodrome at 6 and 8:30 p.m. It runs tonight, Saturday (9/26), Sunday (9/27), Wednesday(9/30) and Thursday (10/1) at 6 and 8:30.

**We’re giving away a set of tickets to Food, Inc. today!.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surf Frenzy 09

Students from all over Gainesville made an appearance at The Venue downtown Wednesday night to witness the ultimate sorority dance competition. Sororities anticipate the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon’s philanthropy, Surf Frenzy, every fall semester, in which women get the chance to scandalously bust out dance moves while raising money for the Florida Camp for Children and Youth with Diabetes, which gives children with diabetes the ultimate camping experience.

By 9pm, the line was backed up and stretched around the corner. Bouncers attempted to control the crowd, but women (and men too) were pushing their way through, anxious to see their favorite sorority perform. By the time I got to the front, it was one in and one out, with more than 50 girls behind me, but I was prepared for the wait, as Sig Ep’s philanthropy is always the crowd favorite.

Once I finally got inside, I felt like I was at a rock concert, dripping with sweat and finding myself singing along to “I’m in Miami Bitch,” inspired by the “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” TV show.

The amount of sorority gear, screaming girls and signs bearing Greek letters was intense, as well as the outfits worn by each sorority—but I did not expect anything else. Neon colors, smoky eyes and bright suspenders were the trends on stage. Sororities put a spin on children’s classics, incorporating favorites like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” “Alice In Wonderland” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” into their dance moves. Whoever said Alice wasn’t sexy was seriously mistaken, especially at a college event, where less is more.

Delta Gamma took first place, with Zeta Tau Alpha in second and Alpha Omicron Pi in third. Not a huge surprise if you ask the Greeks.

It was a good night filled with excitement, pride and a whole lotta skin. Until next year … sororities, my advice is start preparing now if you intend to bring your “A” game to this man-pleasing, skin-stripping affair.

—Text and photos by Brooke Aronoff

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live Jazz at Emiliano's

Emiliano's Cafe features live jazz every Monday and Wednesday, starting at 4pm. There, you can try Chef Ali de Paz's favorite menu item: The Paellaita (the one-person paella serving).

Paella Emiliano’s, $20 ($36 for two)

The smaller version of the Spanish staple still packs a savory punch. Rice with saffron, chicken, shrimp and mussels lies on a plate with artichokes, pimentos, peas and asparagus. “It’s a very traditional dish that reminds me of spending time with my grandparents in Spain,” says Ali, who’s been head chef at Emiliano’s now for 27 years. “It’s the one dish that can fit everyone.”

7 SE 1st Ave, 352-375-7381

Photos: Rodney Rogers, Jason Henry

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Win a Copy of "Historic Photos of University of Florida Football"

This month we talked with Dr. Kevin McCarthy, a UF English professor for 37 years and author of more than 40 books. His latest, Historic Photos of University of Florida Football, came this month and to celebrate, INsite is giving away a copy of his book!

Check out a clip from our interview below, and read the rest on our Web site:
How did you learn so much about Florida football? I taught a course for about 10 years on writing about football (in the fall), and writing about baseball (in the spring). So I came to know about the history of the SEC football and football at the school. Now I’m writing about the city of Lake City, where the university used to be, and I’m now discovering that there was a football team there in the 1890s.
Many of the photos haven’t been seen in a long time, or at all. How did you get access to all the pictures and research? From two sources—my own collection of photographs, which I’ve collected from the sports info archive on campus and the Florida archive in Tallahassee. I also collected pictures from UF archives and old yearbooks.
Any predictions for this year’s season? It much depends on injuries. If the Gators can stay injury-free, they can win the SEC championship. Then it depends on what other teams do.
**To win a copy of Historic Photos of University of Florida Football, follow INsiteMagazine on Twitter!**

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Talking Shop with BobbyK

Sad to see another Fashion Week gone? Still crave more fashion? INsite visited local designer Bobby K to give you one last behind-the-scenes glance at how it all went down—plus why you should feel powerful in his clothes. More pics from fashion week here.

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An Interview with The Almost - PLUS: Win Tixs!

We recently caught up with Clearwater alt-rock band The Almost, who will be headlining a show with This Providence, Anarbor, The Dares and T13C! at The Venue this Friday (Sept. 25). The band is made up of Aaron Gillespie (also of Underoath) on lead vocals, guitar, keyboard and percussion; Dusty Redmon and Jay Vilardi on guitar; Alex Aponte on bass guitar and Joe Musten on drums.

Here’s what guitarist Jay Vilardi had to say about what candy is their “drug” and why Gainesville is so cool.
*WIN FREE TICKETS! See below.*

Tell me about your upcoming sophomore album, Monster Monster.
We recorded it in Nashville because we just wanted that vibe, and we got it; Taylor Swift recorded there. We did it a little differently, though. The album was written on the Internet, I would record with Garage Band, e-mail it to the next guy, and then it would get vetoed, it would get changed, e-mailed to the next guy, and we wound up with 18 songs. We recorded 17, which is pretty unheard of these days.

What’s the central idea behind the album?
The subject matter is basically how, even with us being a Christian band, life isn’t all roses. People aren’t all good, especially if you have religion with you or they know if they’re empty. Lyrically, Aaron drew upon that darker side of the human condition—as far as the title goes, when you sit back and ask yourself, “What am I, what kind of person have I grown into?” sometimes the answer is a monster.

Do you engage in the typical band-on-tour shenanigans?
We’re a drug-free band. We’re pretty G-rated. Skittles will alter our mood.

What do you like best about traveling around as a band?
I genuinely like to travel, and I like playing shows and meeting people and talking to kids. Every now and then you meet someone who is crazy and you’ll never forget them, and kids give you stuff, which is nice. I didn’t know, before being in this band, that kids would draw you pictures and give them to you—I look forward to that stuff. I do appreciate when it happens—I guess I’m a softy like that.

You’re heading to Gainesville for the show at The Venue on Friday. Looking forward to it?
Gainesville’s awesome. I remember in our past bands, we would tour in Europe a lot, and in Europe the hardcore, straight edge, vegan people want to know all about Gainesville. They have this vision that the streets are paved with gold, chocolate milk flows from the faucets—I’m not saying anything negative. Floridians view Gainesville as a cool town, but it’s just home to us. They see Gainesville as this magical place. It’s crazy, but eastern Europeans really want to know about Gainesville. Plus, Gainesville has the closest American Apparel, so when me and my girlfriend want to go there, we have to go to Gainesville. I will say this: in my past, people used to think I was cooler because I lived two hours away from Gainesville.

—Lindsay Smith
Photo by Kevin Estrada

The show is this Friday (9/25) at the Venue. Doors are at 7 p.m. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the door, online at TicketWeb, at Hear Again CDs and at Blockbuster.

*We’re giving away a set of tickets to The Almost every day this week.
Follow us on Twitter to find out how to win!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sister Hazel spends a weekend in Gainesville

Gainesville natives Sister Hazel played two shows this weekend. John Davisson was there to take some photos, enjoy the music and get the scoop on the band's charity event. To see a photo slideshow of the weekend's events, check out our Web site.


Sister Hazel performed at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on the UF campus Friday night (Sept. 18) to support their latest album, Release. Release has already become the band’s highest-charting album ever, entering the Billboard Top 200 at No. 37, and reaching No. 1 on the iTunes rock chart. No surprise then that the Gainesville show was sold out.

Their Gainesville shows always seem to sell out, as Hazelnuts come from all over to celebrate with the band’s friends and family. To me, they are still a local band, even though they have been releasing albums for years. The show in Gainesville was a great celebration of new material and of the material that launched their careers.

And they are still grooving with modern technology; it’s not enough to have a Web site, a Myspace and a Facebook; now they regularly tweet to more than 400,000 Hazeltwits via their Twitter.

For Release, everybody contributed songs, and the diversity was reflected in the live show. It featured guitarist Ryan Newell’s songs “Release” and “Take a Bow,” Ken Block’s “Walls & Cannonballs,” and plenty of songs by Ken Block and Andrew Copeland. Copeland played a piano ballad and rocked a Gator guitar (the band was going to the Tennessee game the next day).
The band also covered Tom Petty’s “American Girl” while Tom’s former drummer Stan Lynch (who co-wrote two songs with Copeland) played drums. Stan stuck around to play guitar on the next song. Throw in a Molly Hatchet cover and it was a well-rounded Southern-rock show.

Aslyn opened the show playing solo, just her and a piano. Although she is now based in Atlanta, she grew up in Chiefland and her parents were at the show; it was family event for both bands.

There was also a packed after-party where the band mingled with friends, fans and Hazelnuts. Nobody gives back to the fans as much as Sister Hazel, who always seem to be smiling and will sign almost anything you ask for.


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Saturday, Sept. 19 was the first annual Lyrics for Life Day. Sister Hazel played a benefit show at Common Grounds that night.

Frontman Ken Block founded Lyrics for Life in memory of his younger brother Jeffrey, who ultimately lost his four-year battle with cancer. The charity raises money through concerts and auctions for organizations that work to find a cure or aim to help patients and their families. Ken said he wants everyone to “set one day aside to help spread the word and make a difference in our fight against pediatric cancer."
The day began with a meet-and-greet at Beef O’Brady’s on 43rd Street, where the band took donations and sold merchandise, CDs and the last tickets for the Common Grounds show for Lyrics for Life.

Hazelnuts were there to get autographs and pictures with the band members. One guy had a guitar autographed (nothing unusual there) and one guy had a stuffed corn hat autographed (that’s probably unusual). One fan showed off his calf tattoo of Super Ken, while another showed me her tattoo on her foot of Sister Hazel; I think tattoos take fandom to a new level.
That night (after the football game), the band took the stage at Common Grounds for a hot, sweaty performance. Aslyn opened the show again and played a great set of her own songs and a couple of covers.

Sister Hazel’s set, though lacking some of the production values of the larger venue, was even more exhilarating, due to the close proximity to the fans and the nostalgia of returning to their old stomping grounds. In their Gainesville days, Sister Hazel played many shows at Common Grounds (then known as the Covered Dish) and Ken talked about how playing there in the past was like sitting at the “cool kids’ table."

After the show, you’ll never guess what happened. Yep, more meet-and-greet and autographs. If you wanted a Sister Hazel autograph this weekend and didn’t get, you weren’t trying.

—Story and photos by John Davisson

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Friday, September 18, 2009

"Artists to Watch" Headliners Interview

Tonight (Fri., Sept 18) at 9pm the “Artists to Watch” show at The Venue will feature four of the best up-and-coming bands of the moment: Moodhosa, Hours Eastly, A to Z and Jon Lash Band. And, get this: they're all local! More info on the Facebook event.

$7 will get you in, but before you even set foot in the door you can check out INsite's interview with three of the bands playing tonight. (These guys have great taste in food.)

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University House - "Promcoming" 2009

For most, prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in which inhibitions are shed, first times are had and cheeziness is exemplified to the max. But with all the possibilities for fun and down-the-road laughs, is it fair for formal dances to be left in the dust of our high school yearbooks?

Steve Goonen, a business student and special event planner at University House - 13th Street doesn't think so. Every winter break, he and his high school friends have an annual reunion in the form of a "Promcoming" event. "We just had so much fun in high school," he says.

Last night, he let Gainesville in on the fun, as University Houses hosted Promcoming 2009 in it's clubhouse.

The night was a success as girls dressed to the nines with empire-waist gowns, fake nails, too-orange spray tans, and corsages. The guys were a bit more modest in their choices of slacks, button downs and ties. Unfortunately, no coat tails, top hots or cummerbunds were spotted.

In true prom fashion a photo booth was set up, complete with a starry-Gator-night backdrop. INsite provided camera direction to ensure the pictures were as legit as possible. The train? The awkward crooked gaze? Oh yea, we went there.

The DJ alternated the music selection between current hip hop beats, for those with more recent prom experiences, and some old-school tracks for those of us from earlier graduating classes. Gotta love the Ace of Base!

The food selection was better than you would expect from a prom. Cookies, cakes, a dozen mixers. The addition of alcohol was a non-prom sanctioned extra we were more than willing to accept. Word on the street is that someone even spiked the punch. Sorry mom. But, thankfully, the party was shut down by the GPD before we started crashing the football field and booking hotel rooms -- apparently, some people had an early morning exam.

Steve hopes Promcoming will become an annual event that will continue even after he is gone. We welcome any event that lets us put rhinestones in our hair and pretend we're 17 again.

—Stephanie Granada
Photos: Sean Kelly

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Humpday Review: More Than Just Brotherly Love


A film about two men having sex isn’t something you’d normally find on the marquis of your local movie theater. However, such a film is gracing the screen of the Hippodrome Theatre for a weeklong engagement starting on tomorrow (Fri., Sept. 18). Winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the comedy Humpday is an unexpectedly deep look at friendship tinged with homoeroticism.

Ben, played by Mark Duplass, lives an ordinary suburban life with his wife Anna (Alycia Delmore) that is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of his free-wheeling college buddy, Andrew (Joshua Leonard). When Andrew and Ben get drunk at a party, they challenge each other to make a film for the upcoming porn festival, Humpfest. The only catch is that these two straight men will be having sex with each other, in order to make an “art film” that is “beyond gay.”

Similar comedies like 2008’s Zach and Miri Make a Porno emphasize crudity, with splashy and shocking sexual sequences. Never to disappoint, Humpday does have its share of vulgar humor, but its sexually charged plot is almost an excuse for an unconventional analysis of Ben and Andrew’s relationship rather than graphic sex.

Under the direction of Lynn Shelton, winner of an Independent Spirit award for this film, Humpday creates an intimate and honest portrait of Middle America that captures the humor, heart and desire that lies behind every good friendship. In a time when gender politics are so controversial, this film is not afraid to bend boundaries and preconceptions to question the laws of attraction. In its soul-searching view of the interplay between love and sex, Humpday proves that a film about porn can truly be high art.

Humpday premieres at the Hippodrome tomorrow at 6:30 and 8:30pm. Additional shows Sat. 4:30, 6:30 and 8:30pm; Sun. 2:30, 4:30 and 7pm; Wed. 4:30, 6:30 and 8:30pm and Thurs. 6:30 and 8:30pm. Tickets are available at the Hipp's box office or online at

*The first person to e-mail gets two free tix to Humpday at The Hipp!

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Wienermobile Hits Gainesville

Remember the Wienermobile, Oscar Meyer's custom-made fiberglass hot dog and bun on wheels? We caught the Wienermobile in Gainesville today at Winn Dixie and they invited us inside to see its custom mustard and ketchup-colored seats. The first Wienermobil was built in 1936, and this one has been on tour since 1986 for Oscar Meyer's 50th Anniversary.

Go to to track where it's headed next, as it's in town for the Gator game. Oh, and don't forget to pick up your free Wienerwhistle.

—Text and Photos, Rodney Rogers


Manuel's Vintage Room

This month (September), we asked local chefs to pick their favorite menu item. Here's what Marco had to say at Manuel's Vintage Room. See the full story, pg. 27.

Filet with goat cheese, $35

Marco Chavez, a chef of 20 years, created the filet with goat cheese specifically for Manuel’s Vintage Room when the restaurant opened three and a half years ago. This popular dish uses a combination of ingredients—a grilled, center-cut, 8-oz filet with roasted red pepper, goat cheese and cream served on a bed of braised arugula—that mesh to make the perfect taste combination. Marco chose this dish because, like the restaurant itself, everything on the plate goes together so well that nothing could go wrong.

Looking for a deal on fine dining? Manuel's offers an excellent $10 early dinner special every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. From 5-7pm, choose from $10 menu items, $10 bottles of wine and $3 glasses of wine. Don't forget your reservation!

6 S Main St., 352-375-7372

—Stephanie Granada, Photo: Jason Henry

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opening Night: Latino Film Festival

Last night (Tuesday, Sept. 15), we joined students and professionals as they mingled in the lobby of the Harn Museum of Fine Arts night, sipping champagne and sampling hor d’ouevres before taking in the opening film of the Fifth Annual Latino Film Festival.

On show was the U.S. restored premiere of Araya, a 1959 Venezuelan documentary that tied for the International Critics Prize at that year’s Cannes Film Festival before falling into obscurity.

After four years of meticulous refurbishment, a full audience in the Harn’s Chandler Auditorium was able to rediscover this milestone work.

Victoria Condor-Williams, director of the Festival and president of the Latina Women’s League, started the project five years ago.

“My intent in creating this film festival was to find a resource that could reach the entire community. It’s something that can bring all of us together, and the result is a rich experience for the Latino community and for the community in general,” she says.

The evening also marked the return of RISK cinema, a program showcasing experimental and essay films at the Harn since 1990.

“These are the kind of films you won’t see somewhere else,” Kerry Anthony-Oliver, RISK program director and Harn curator, says. “This particular evening is very special, to be collaborating with the Latina Women’s League. It’s incidental that we both wanted to feature Latin American films, and it corresponds with the fact that the Harn’s galleries are featuring a lot of Latin American art at the moment.”

The Latino Film Festival will feature films every Saturday at 2pm from now through Oct. 24. Additionally, gallery talks, readings and other related events are being held throughout the period. A full schedule of films and events can be found at

–Ashley Spencer

(Photos: Tim Carswell)

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INsite's Picks: Gainesville Fashion Week

Click here for some of the best pics from Gainesville Fashion Week, both on and off the runway.
(Photo: Sean Kelly)

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Funny Woman Tracey Ashley chats with INsite

Nationally touring comedian Tracey Ashley, a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, will perform tonight in the Orange and Brew at 8pm. Free admission!

INsite talked with Tracey about her career, her personal life, and the future of her comedy.

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Creed and Staind at the Amway Arena

INsite photog John Davisson went to the Creed and Staind concert at the Amway Arena in Orlando last night. Here's what he had to say:

"Last night Creed and Staind played to a half-filled Amway Arena. At the turn of the century, Staind and Creed would have easily filled the Amway Arena, but a lot has changed in the past nine years. The hits stopped coming for Staind, and Creed broke up, with Scott Stapp trying a solo career while the other members formed a new band.

Creed has reunited and is trying to re-establish the brand with a new album and tour. The Creed set featured all of their hits and a nice stage production that included a liberal dose of pyrotechnics. It almost felt like 2000 again to their hometown fans.

Staind's shorter opening set had even more emphasis on past hits. The show made me wish it was 2000 again, but as with everything else, a lot has changed since then and we can't go back."

-Text and photos by John Davisson


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Opening at the Harn Museum - Highlights from the Photography Collection

(Overtown, Peggy Nolan. 2006)

Opening today (Sept. 15) at the Harn Museum of Art, the new exhibition Highlights from the Photography Collection: Portfolios features selections from more than a dozen portfolios in the Harn’s photography collection to complement, contrast and provide new insight into the bodies of work.

“Each portfolio in the exhibition can be seen as a small exhibition in its own right,” says Tom Southall, the curator of photography for the Harn Museum. “Brought together as a group, the works suggest the rich diversity of the last quarter century of photography.”

The exhibition contains portfolios from photographers Jerry Uelsmann, Kenn Josephson, Eliot Porter and Mark Klett, as well as the Harn’s new acquisition, By and About Women, which contains works by ten contributing female artists. For more information about this exhibit visit the Harn Museum Web site or call 352-392-9828.

The Harn is open Tuesday through Friday, 11am-5pm; Saturday, 10am-5pm; and
Sunday, 1pm- 5pm.
Admission is free.

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INsite's Picks: The Best Runway Looks of Fall Fashion Week '09

Here are INsite's picks for the best looks from GFW '09. What do you think?

Bobby K

We love Bobby's bright colors, hyper-sexuality and unapologetic over-the-topness.

We can definitely see ourselves in the fuschia button-down dress (right) for class, work or even a party.


We were partial to Calzatura's more conceptual pieces, like this sexy, cut-out dress (left) and the peacock-printed jumpsuit (right). We love the user-friendly aspect of this black and white strapless dress (center).

Dahlia delighted us with it's versatility. From the downtown chic ripped jeans and plaid button-down combo (left), to the super eye-catching swimwear (right), Dahlia has something to satisfy our MSPD (multiple-style-personality disorder).

Etc. Boutique

We love the way Etc. Boutique spruced up its denim looks. This mustard scarf (left) and toga-inspired top (right) are new must-haves of ours. We also fell for the delicately detailed accents on this LBD (center).

Natalie Kim

Natalie impressed us with her unique take on Gator wear, adapting popular styles and creating new silhouettes to fit G-ville's Gator Mania. We appreciated the girliness and flattering cuts of the dresses like this white-trimmed hem, strapless dress (center left), and the ruffle neckline halter (left). But we are really in love with the sassiness of the wrap dress (right), and the edginess of the tulle piece (center right) .


Wolfgang's looks spoke to the free-spirited fashionista in us. The show took each trend all the way, like the dark-rimmed glasses and suspenders in the androgynous nerdy look (right), and the hat topper on this Kentucky Derby dress (center right). We also love the store's use of bright prints (left) and the men's slim-cut silhouettes (center).
—Stephanie Granada
Photos by Sean Kelly and Sarah Hsu

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gator Soccer Game Sept. 13

INsite photog Rodney Rogers caught the Sunday Gator women's soccer team (#14) against # 20 Colorado. After a quick rain shower in the first half, the Gators scored their first goal. The rain stopped for the second half and the Gators went on to win 3-1. Here are some photo highlights.

Photos by Rodney Rogers

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