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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Defiance @ The Hipp

The Hippodrome’s latest main stage production, Defiance, opened last night with a VIP party with food from Fresco. Over 200 people purchased tickets for the thought-provoking show written by John Patrick Shanley, who also wrote the award-winning Doubt. The small, six-member cast carried the audience through an 80-minute exploration of ethics and race set on a Marine base in North Carolina in 1971, at the tail-end of the Vietnam War. Without an intermission, you’re engrossed in the thought-provoking play until the last line. Sprinkled with witticisms and quips, the show’s small snippets of comedy are as intelligent as the serious discussion it leads.

Under the direction of Mary Hausch, all of the actors give an emotionally-charged performance. Real-life husband and wife David Sitler and Carolyn Popp are perfect as the unthinking career military man Lt. Colonel Littlefield and philosophical, patient wife Margaret. Matthew Lindsay, last seen in the Hipp’s Dead Man’s Cellphone, brings the idealistic Alabamian Chaplain White to life. Ryan George, fifth-year fine arts senior at UF, makes his professional debut as the reluctant Capt. King. His booming voice and strong presence make for a commanding portrayal of a young black officer who wants to fade away in uniform but instead is pulled into a serious situation he would have rather avoided.

“I’m very honored to perform a play that will get people engaged and thinking and excited about seeing theater,” says Ryan.

Defiance runs until March 21. Visit The Hippodrome's Web site for tickets and more information.

-Bridget Higginbotham

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Music and the Law

Photo courtesy of UF Law/ Lauren Jannelle

The UF Levin College of Law will show students that the legal world isn’t only suits and depositions when it hosts the 8th annual Music Law Conference Saturday, Feb. 27. The event brings together musicians, lawyers, students and faculty to discuss the legal aspects of the music industry. This year’s theme is “Music Law Conference 2.0: Out of Beta,” focusing on the shift to digital media in the industry. The conference runs from 9am to 6pm in the Chesterfield Smith Ceremonial Classroom. It will include guest speaker Josh Greenberg from Grooveshark. 

After the panel discussion, the event kicks off a live music showcase at Common Grounds, featuring local bands Stevie D and the No Shows, Hoyt and the Hotheads, Boss Lady and the Company, and Orlando-based, reggae rockers Dinger Does It. “They might have had a reception, but there’s really no beating a concert,” says Sal Picataggio, vice president of the conference and second-year law student. “Everyone’s going to have a blast.”

Steven Davis of Stevie D, is excited play his first show at Common Grounds as part of the event. He also plans to attend the conference during the day and is looking forward to learning more about the legal side of the music business. He sees the event as a way to help connect UF students with the local music scene, which is an important part of Gainesville that doesn’t always get as much attention as it should. “We’re excited about doing anything to help bridge the gap between local musicians and the kids that live here,” he said.  “They’re going to college, so they got half a brain and have to have some need for music that either speaks to them or makes them want to move.”

The conference is free for UF students and faculty. Ticket prices are $75 for attorneys, $30 for bands, $20 for non-UF students and faculty and $25 for the general public. Prices are subject to a $10 increase the day of the event. Showcase tickets are sold separately - $6/$8 in advance and $8/$10 at the door. For more information, visit the event's event Web site.

-Morgan Watkins

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MillionYoung, Madeline @ The Atl Tonight

Mike Diaz of MillionYoung popped into the scene last year, and his electro-surf sound waves are catching on at an infectious rate. Tonight Mike brings his Miami-laden sounds to Gainesville as part of The Atlantic's House Party Fridays. Also playing tonight is Athens, GA., band Madeline

We talked to Mike about his influences, plans for the future and thoughts on the electro music scene. Click here to read the full interview with Mike and to win free tickets to the show!  

Fast facts

Hometown: Coral Springs, Fla.

Influences: Panda Bear, The Beach Boys, American Analog Set, The Radio Dept.

Discography: SunnDreamm and Be So True

Download: "Weak Ends" and "SunnDreamm"

Show: At The Atlantic, 15 N. Main St. Tonight, Feb.26, at 9pm. 

Tickets: $5/$7


We've got 2 FREE tix to tonight's show. First person to retweet this story or e mail wins! You have to be attending on the FB event page to win, so click attending here now. 

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Mixing It Up at The Reitz: Tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor!

Week five of my bartending leisure course was just what I expected. The night was filled with samplings of various tequilas, with Patron topping everyone’s list of favorites. According to the instructor, Wonton, there is not much mixing with tequila. It is more about sipping and tasting the different levels of tequila ranging from Tequila Silver, 100% Blue Agave in its purest form, to Reposado, which is considered “aged” or “rested” tequila because it sits in wood barrels for up to 11 months.

Wonton classified the margaritas of the night into three categories: The Simple Margarita, which he called the “Seminole,” is made with any type of low-end tequila, triple sec and sour mix. The next level he labeled as the Golden or “Miami” Margarita, mixing a combo of the same ingredients as above except for a higher end of tequila like Jose Cuervo. The highest on the list, and my favorite drink of the night, was the Perfect Margarita or as Wonton called it the “Gator” Margarita. This delicious drink called for 1 1/4 of Patron, 3/4 triple sec (we used Patron’s version of triple sec called Patron Citronge) and sour mix.

As for that sugar rim that makes our margaritas look so pretty, Wonton let us in on a little secret. “The Mexican restaurants do it wrong!” he says. Next time you want to impress, try this out. Take a wedge of lime and brush it along the edge of the outside (note: the outside, not the tip) of the glass. Then, take any type of margarita salt and coat the outside of the glass with the salt. This strategy will keep the salt from seeping into the drink when you are ready to pour the frothy liquid in. Squeeze some extra lime or splash some Grand Marnier Liqueur on the top and you are good to go. Stay tuned next week for what is sure to be an interesting

night of shooters and the final night of the bartending class.

- Brooke Aronoff

Corey Smith @ The Venue Tonight

Corey Smith never wanted to be a rock star- but he can't help it. People flock to his sold-out shows, like kids to cookies.  When Corey started writing the songs that became the launching point of his career, he was a high school teacher. Mentoring youth during days and playing dive bars in Athens, GA at night. 

Pretty soon selling out dive bars, turned to selling out venues like our very own, The Venue, which Corey will play tonight at 9pm. But before all that, let's learn some stuff about the guy:

1) He hates country music: "Country music creates this caricature of what country people are, I don't want to be associated with that," he says. Corey chose to take the independent route in his music career because he does not want to be associated with the glitzy road of fancy music videos and big-budget live shows that country music stars accompany. 

2) He's a poet: "My favorite song on the album is 'Arc of a Rainbow.'" "Arc of a Rainbow," is one of Corey's favorite songs because with it he hits the pinnacle of verse poeticism and musical fluidity in his songwriting. On stage, though, he prefers to play the more popular hits live, like "21" and "Drinkin' Again," which get the crowd going, and allow him to feed off the crowds energy. 

4) He writes his own music: We're used to pop stars whose songs might or might not be their own, but with Corey, we know that what we hear is what he's feeling. " I prefer my most recent songs, because they are closests to my current state of mind." 

5) He's not trying to 'Keep Up with the Joneses'. Or is he?: "The album title has two contrasting meanings," he says. On one side, the title "Keeping Up With the Joneses," is internalized as Corey works to outdo his own songwriting by continuing to write better songs. On the other hand, his songs convey the message that people should just be happy with what they have. 

6) He is constantly on tour: "Touring is my life," he says. Corey plays between 150 to 180 tour dates a year, an amount he finds to be his perfect balance. "Some people play more, and some people play less," he says. "But that amount has helped him find the balance between being on the road and being with my family."

7) He just wants to have fun:   "Come out and and have a good time," Corey says. "That's what I do." 

Tonight's show is almost sold out, so get to The Venue early to score some tickets at the door. $20/9pm 

-Stephanie Granada

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UF students signed up to get naked in the cold Thursday (2/25) afternoon. Students were told to spend nine minutes “naked,” stripping themselves mentally to promote National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week at the Reitz Union Colonnade. “My interpretation on the nine minutes is we can’t all be perfect 10s,” says Janis Mena, a registered dietician with GatorWell at the Student Health Care Center.

The bulletin boards surrounding the area were plastered with information on body image and eating disorders as passersby stopped to stare. "Over half of females between the ages of 18-25 would prefer to be run over by a truck than be fat," read one neon sign.

After spending nine minutes in the area, participants received a purple ribbon, a free T-shirt, flyers, magazines and buttons to spread the message. The event included a special performance by UF RecSports’ group Fitness Demo Team. Members from the team invited students to join them for Zumba and yoga lessons after the performance. “Nine Minutes of Nakedness” concluded UF’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The events were sponsored by GatorWell, Accent, University Athletic Association, Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and Women’s Leadership Council.

- Nhi Hoang

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gainesville Fashion Week: Model Callbacks

Last night, we were lucky enough to be invited to be a guest judge for Gainesville Fashion Week's Model Callbacks. Almost 100 models lined up out the door and up the stairs to Sharab Lounge before they were outfitted with numbers and got ready to walk the makeshift "catwalk."

We enjoyed chatting with fellow judges Kara Winslow (from the Hippodrome), designer Bobby K and Wolfgang owner Matt Turner (among others) before the judging began. But when the music was turned up (waaaay up) it was all about business. The beautiful men and women had two chances to walk before the judges to decide who would and would not appear in April's Fashion Week—a hard task by any standards.

We were blown away by the options, and recognized both some past INsite models and some fresh faces. The final model lineup will be announced next week, and you can expect to see the fruits of their labor starting April 7. Here are some of our favorite moments from the night.

Interested in being a model? INsite is looking for candidates to be our next cover model. Winners and runners-up will represent the magazine at GFW and will receive a professional photo shoot and the chance to appear in the magazine. The winner will appear on the cover of a future issue of the magazine. For details and to apply, click here.

—MM, Photos by Sean Kelly

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

IHOP Pancake Day!

Yesterday we were all about National Pancake Day, the annual event during which IHOP offers free stacks of buttermilk pancakes from 7am to 10pm. With each stack of pancakes served, guests made donations toward Shand’s Children’s Hospital at UF. This year, the event raised $1,700. Last year IHOP raised $1,200. Sweet!

--Stephanie Granada; Photos by Rodney Rogers

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We Be Jammin'

Experience the relaxed vibe of Jamaica while listening to Bob Marley tonight (2/24) at the Phillips Center. Craig Martin's Classic Albums Live will perform Bob Marley's album Legend, which features his greatest hits, at 7:30pm. Some of the world's best musicians will play these reggae favorites like "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Jamming." Student tickets are $10.50.

Enjoy even more reggae fun at the
Students for the Performing Arts' after-party in the West Fackler Foyer following the show, free for college students. Enjoy free Caribbean food from Reggae Shack Cafe and food from Mother's Pub and Grill and play our Bob Marley trivia game for gift certificates from restaurants like Tropical Smoothie, Liquid Ginger and Reggae Shack! The best part? INsite will be there with a photobooth where you can take pictures with a Bob Marley cutout or rastafarian wig. Check our Web site to find yours!

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Rev up Your Hot Rod

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! On Feb. 27, visitors can check out Florida's largest hot rod and custom car show at the Billetproof Hot Rod and Custom Car Show. Displaying more than 650 cars and motorcycles, the show will feature a pinstripe panel jam and a car parts swap meet. In its third year visiting Gainesville, Billetproof will host live bands and an array of vendors.

The event kicks off at 9am at the Alachua County Fairgrounds, 2900 NE 39th Ave., with general admission starting at $10.

Get even deeper in the action by joining the gang for the Billetproof Florida Pre-Party at Market Street Pub, 120 SW 1st Ave., on Feb. 26 at 9pm. The pre party will include food and drink specials, live music, a pin-up girl contest and on-the-spot tattoo artistry. This Billetproof is for the true hot rod enthusiast!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Gator LAX starts program victoriously

The Gator women’s lacrosse team began the program’s inaugural season with a 10-point lead over the Jacksonville University Dolphins on Saturday at home. The Gators were head the entire game, going into halftime 11-4 and ending the night 16-6.

Freshman midfielder from Millersville, Md., Sam Farrell (#15) scored the first-ever goal for the team a mere minute and 50 seconds into the game.

“It felt really good,” Sam says. “It was supposed to be a pass, but a goal’s a goal.”
With every Gator goal, the marketing team threw t-shirts into the stands. Lucky number 13, Ashley Brun, freshman attack from Ellicott City, Md., was the high scorer with four goals and four assists.

“They performed really well for a first game,” says Amanda O’Leary, head coach who comes to the Gators after 14 years of coaching the Yale Bulldogs. Twenty-four of her 29 players are freshmen and none of them had played in front of such a large crowd before.

Saturday night’s attendance was 2,114 fans. The new, sustainable Donald R. Dizney Stadium dedicated during the game holds 1,500. Those locked out after full-capacity watched the first half of the game from outside the north end zone gates.

“All that mattered is that they got behind us,” Coach O’Leary says. “Obviously your home crowd makes all the difference in the world.”

The next Gator home game is March 4 at 6:30pm against St. Bonaventure.

-Bridget Higginbotham; Photos by Rodney Rogers

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Hot Cakes Do Kids Good

Feel good and do good by eating free buttermilk pancakes on tomorrow, Feb. 23, from 7am to 10pm, as IHOP restaurants around the nation celebrate its famed annual tradition: National Pancake Day. The event started in 2006, but the pancake tradition goes back to Fat Tuesday, when the English prepared for Lent by eating all the eggs, milk and butter. Since then, the IHOP event has raised more than $3.25 million and given more than 6.1 million free pancakes. If compiled into one stack, the pancakes served would be more than 20 miles high! 

This is how it works: with each free short stack of pancakes served, guests can make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network and, specifically, Shand’s Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida. Almost $1.5 million was raised in donations last year and IHOP hopes to raise $1.75 million this year. 

IHOP is located on SW 13th Street, and be sure show up early to this very popular Gainesville event. Visit for more.

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Celebration of Wine 2010

Yesterday (Feb. 21), we had the great fortune of attending an event we’ve been eyeing for years: the annual wine-drinkers’ paradise known as the “Celebration of Wine.” And what a celebration it was.

First, some background. The Celebration of Wine (this time in its 21st year and themed “Gone With the Wine”) is a destination wine tasting for enthusiasts from around the state, and offers more than 300 wines from around the world to sip, as well as a donors’ dinner (beforehand) and a silent and live auction (at the end) for the more enthusiastic. It is hosted by Gainesville’s Wine & Cheese Gallery to benefit public radio stations WUFT and WJUF-FM, and recently has attracted about 700 guests and $40,000.

For the main event on Sunday afternoon ($55 in advance), the University of Florida’s expansive Reitz Union Grand Ballroom was filled with a happy and diverse crowd, who ate up the delectable offerings from the kitchens of Chef Bert Gill (Ti Amo!/Mildred’s Big City Food/New Deal Café) and Panache Bistro almost before we could say “I’ll try the chardonnay.”

But, try, we did. The room was tastefully decorated with huge tables set up in rectangles, from which wine representatives shared their top wines and tips for pairing. The jovial atmosphere and sheer variety of wines (not to mention the plate/wine-glass/brochure-juggling) made for non-stop, madcap action. However, we were able to find some standouts, most at a very reasonable price-point and available from the Wine & Cheese Gallery.

We’d discourage you from making a rash decision based on our humble palate, but here’s what stood out (from those we were able to try)…

Our favorite table was #33, Rocland Estates, manned by John Doty. As it turns out, John graduated from UF, lives in Gainesville and has been attending this event for years. We’d seen and tried a couple of his wines before (Chocolate Box, Asskisser, Duck Duck Goose). We recommend, for a red, the 2007 Chocolate Box Cherry Chocolate GSM, from Barossa, Australia ($16, a blend of grenache, shiraz and mataro), and, for a white, the very interesting 2008 Rocland Estate McLaren Vale MVR ($17, marsane, viognier and rousanne), also from Australia. And, for a deal, try the perfectly versatile 2006 Duck Duck Goose Chardonnay, $11.

If you like buttery chardonnays, try Napa’s (2008?) ZD Chardonnay, $35. For a trio of great reds, any of California’s Mettlers would be good—try the 2005 Petite Syrah, $25. For a malbec with a twist, try Dolium’s 2005 Petit Reserva “La Terna” Malbec Tempranillo ($20). Finally, for a splurge, try Napa Valley’s 2006 Ehlers Estate St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon 1886, at $90.

All of these wines can be purchased from the Wine & Cheese Gallery, and are sold at a discount (for quantities of 6, 12 or 24) for those who attended! And don’t worry if you missed it, because they host a number of wine events throughout the year. But don’t expect to find us there; after we place our order today, we’ll be set until next year. Cheers.

—MM, Photos: Sean Kelly

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Sarah Hsu

The Gainesville episode of the hit series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was recently filmed in town, and we were there to catch the action. The episode airs tonight, Feb.21, on ABC at 8pm. We were there everyday covering the community's, excitement over the project, the family's laughs and tears, and not to mention we got some great shots of Ty Pennington's picture-perfect hair. Go here for tons of slideshows and the stories behind the story.

Join us for the official viewing party at Dub's Club, 4562 NW 13th Street. Click here for more details. 

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Friday night’s Supervillains concert had it all: beer, skanking, high-fives and even a hardcore kick to the balls. That’s right, one fan volunteered to get kicked in the crotch by Smally, the sax player, for a free T-shirt. Dom, Skart, Dan and Smally played mostly their old stuff with the exception of two new songs, some improvisational tunes and a Sublime cover.

The show started out with some mellow reggae from The Crazy Carls and continued with Gainesville’s Boss Lady & The Company, a female-fronted band with a unique sound and wicked guitar solos. The Supervillains kept the crowd dancing and singing all night with their call and response bits, Gator chomps and promises of an after-party.

--MacKensie Gibson, photos by: Filipe Deandrade

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wine of the Week

Winter has set in, even here in sunny Gainesville, and so rich and ripe, red wines are the best choice to warm some cockles. A varietal we often forget in North America is Argentina's Malbec. The grape originated in France and is still a junior partner in the classic Bordeaux red blend, with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot. Malbec is the major player in another French wine, Cahors, from the Dordogne region (pretty close to the Cro Magnon caves of Lascaux) but in Argentina the grape has found real prominence and a ripeness of flavor not as common in French Malbecs. Most California Malbecs are used up in Meritage or Claret blends, though a few producers bottle straight Malbec. 

The wines from this grape are medium-bodied, but have a spicy character reminiscent of Shiraz, so can work for both lovers of Cabernet and Merlot. Malbec is not as tannic as most Cabernets, but has a more dense flavor and a longer finish than most Merlots. Malbec can be a great pairing choice at a restaurant where everyone is getting different entrees but still want to share the same bottle. I find that the grape can work with a whole range of foods from BBQ to filet mignon to lighter vegetarian dishes.  

The new vintage of the Don Rodolfo Malbec, by Vina Cornejo Costas from the Cafayate Valley in the North, is big and spicy, with aromas of black currants and ripe plums on the nose, finishing with white pepper spice and a hint of cigarbox on the finish. This is not a wimpy Malbec, though it softens with a little aeration. The density of flavor and the 13.5 percent alcohol can keep us warm on these frigid winter nights. The price is about $13 per bottle, but there are many affordable Malbecs from around Mendoza worth giving a try like the Norton Malbec and the new Lote 44 Malbec from the Catena Family which is $9 but big and ripe and almost Zinfandel like in character. If you are a soft Cabernet or jammy Shiraz lover, you will learn to love Malbec, and be very happy that you can get great wines at affordable prices. Cheers!

-Daniel EddyGainesville Wine Pairing Examiner and Store Mananger at Gator Spirits, Westgate Plaza

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Lovely Leopard

Heather, 25, UF senior fiscal assistant

Heather caught our eye at a recent Gainesville Fashion Week event. The simple silhouette of her dress, in a leopard print that popped, really stood out in a sea of winter darks and jeans. We liked her retro look (paired with flirty eyeliner no less) and back-seat accessories, which let the dress—and the girl—do the talking.

Originally from Keystone Heights, Heather has participated in fashion events in nearby St. Augustine and attended Gainesville’s first fashion week, and hopes to get in a little more modeling in Gainesville. For spring, Heather is looking forward to rocking a great pale pink, white and beige color palette that matches the “froufrou girly style” that she loves. We hope to see more of her (and her amazing budget-friendly wardrobe) on the runway!

Dress: Forever 21, $25

Shoes: ForLove, $30

Tights: $10

Bracelet and earrings: Absolutely Fabulous (consignment shop), $7 each

Vintage ring: Thornebrook Village consignment shop (has since closed), $10

—MM, Photo: Sean Kelly

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Mixing it up at the Reitz: Rum

Rum, yum, yum. Wednesday night was round four of my bartending leisure course at UF, and the the menu tonight called for a whole lotta rum. If you closed your eyes, you might think you were already on Spring Break in the Bahamas. 

The secret behind rum drinks is that all of the juices, more specifically anything with grenadine, mask the flavor of the rum. Before you know it, you had four drinks and you feel fine, that is, until you stand up. Quick tip for you soon-to-be spring breakers: Drink some water in between all of your rum-filled beverages to stay hydrated in the sun. You don’t want to waste all of the money you spent sleeping with your face in the sand because you drank too many rum punches on the first day. 

If you want to stray away from those sugar-filled rum drinks, stick to a Cuba Libre- a simple a rum and coke with a wedge of lime. I challenge you to go to Gator City or Balls this weekend and ask the bartender for a Cuba Libre and see how they react. Chances are they will have no idea what you are talking about. But you will…sneaky sneaky! 

My favorite drinks of the night were the Rum Runner (the first Rum drink ever made) and the Blue Hawaiian. Try this the next time you are out: ½ jigger dark rum, ½ jigger white rum (we used Ron Carlos Rum for both), ½ Blue Curacao (insider info: it is actually identical to Triple Sec), a splash of pineapple juice and a splash of pina colada mix. Shake it all up and enjoy! See you next week for Tequila. 

-Brooke Aronoff

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walk it Out

Sean Kelly

Last night's walking clinic at Sharab Lounge showed a lot of promise for this year's Gainesville Fashion Week coming this April. The feeling in the air was that of positivity and fun as 50 young, hopefuls lined up for their chance to work it out on the catwalk. Designer Bobby K's group of four "Core Models," Senta Achee, Janice Erlacher, Megan Alfaro and Chanel Bird (all gorgeous girls, seasoned walkers and previous INsite models), split up to show some fresh-faced models the ropes. But this was no America's Next Top Model walking class with Miss J. There was no mocking or cynicism here. As Bobby K announced at the event's beginning, "We aren't here to break you down, but to bring you up." 

Before the clinics began we officially announced our INsite Cover Model Contest , and the search for our next cover model began. And of course being a GFW event, we spotted a lot of trendsetters. Look our for them this week in our Look of the Day posts! 

Want to get involved in all the fashion festivities? Here's what you do:

Apply to be INsite's next cover model here

Apply to be a Gainesville Fashion Week model here

And submit your very own Look of the Day to 



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Fit for France

Joel, Assistant Manager at Aldo, Oaks Mall

Joel stood out from the crowd at Common Grounds in this sleek, Euro-inspired look. His double-breasted pea coat oozes with sophistication, and, not to mention, he got it for a total steal right here in Gainesville. Dark, narrow pipe jeans further streamline his ensemble. Leather lace-ups pull this edgy look together flawlessly, and can be worn with a wide variety of pieces-like a blazer or a casual tee. Joel describes his personal style as modern trendy with a hint of classic, and we think he found the perfect formula.

Coat: Flashback’s Thrift Store, $25
Shirt: Regan & Sarah, $34
American Apparel, $61
Cheap Monday, $40
Aldo, $72
Scarf: Gift, $0

-Brooke Johnson

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