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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dance Alive's Fused Tutu

On Saturday night, the Phillips Center was treated to a diverse, beautiful and fun ballet in three parts—Dance Alive National Ballet’s last performance of the season, “Fused Tutu.”

For the purists, the show opened with selections from two classic ballets, “Giselle” and “Swan Lake.” Featuring those romantic and ethereal compositions, two duets floated around the stage, the female leads in filmy tutus. This is the kind of dance you grow up watching, and if the two little girls perched on the edges of their seats in front of me were any indicator, the numbers completely enraptured even the smallest of audience members.

Also part of the first act was a Ukrainian character dance called a “Gopak,” performed by Rostislav Dzabraev. Basketball players, take note: male dancers get serious air. Dzabraev leaped and launched himself so high in the air I was getting a nosebleed just watching. And it was awesome.

With the roar of a motorcycle and a few awed gasps from the audience, Act II moved in with a modern twist on classical ballet. “Fused Tutu,” a dance in nine parts, featured movements inspired by rock ‘n’ roll, disco, hip hop and West African dance. Even the UF Dazzlers paid a visit, showing off their refined brand of hip hop. The drama and theatrics of Fused Tutu contrasted to the classic beauty of Act I, but in a good way. To me, it looked like ballet dancers having a ton of fun on stage, and that feeling is infectious.

To close out the night, Act III, entitled “SOAR,” was inspired by painting and sculptures by Olympic athletes. The artworks that the four dances were based around were displayed behind the dancers. What sounds like a very conceptual piece became all the more clear as the cast captured the essence and beauty of the paintings and sculptures in physical movement. It was the marriage of two art forms, an interesting and inspiring pairing.

Saturday’s performance also marked the final show for the respected and wildly talented Dance Alive principal dancer Tak Kwan Chu. At age 62, and after 23 years performing with Dance Alive National Ballet, Chu took his last bow with the company amid cheers and standing ovations. His strength and beauty as a dancer will surely be missed.

It’s such a pleasure to watch the Dance Alive National Ballet, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next season. If it’s anything like Fused Tutu, I (and you) won’t be disappointed.

--Amelia Marty

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Wasson Style

Julie Long, 22, UF architecture student

Julie was spotted outside the Florida Gym on campus in this look inspired by model and designer, Erin Wasson. Wasson’s status as a fashion icon is built on her unique sense of style, which has been called everything from “seventies rocker” to “nineties grunge.” To achieve a similar look, Julie tops long layers in light fabrics with a fitted-leather jacket that lets them stand out. Black leggings make the outfit comfortable for class, and lend attention to her strapped footwear- a refreshing alternative to the plethora of flip-flops seen on campus. Julie’s look is accessorized with over-sized vintage eye-wear from American Apparel, who collects the dead stock glasses from a variety of sources.

Leggings, American Apparel, $26
Shirt, H&M, $15
Cardigan, J. Crew, $48
Jacket, Friend’s closet, $0
Shoes, Forever 21, $23
Glasses, American Apparel, $60

- Hallie Wunsch

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Italian Import

Calvin DiNicolo, 21, Federal government employee

Calvin was seen at The Ranch in Gainesville, in a look that embodies the understated individualism often found in Italian style. The UF grad’s casual attire in warm colors makes it genuine; creating a look that doesn’t try to be one. Italian fashion is often referenced for its unique ability to show off your best feature. Calvin’s choice of tapered denim achieves this by emphasizing his stature, and shows us how slim fits can make for subtly sexy menswear. Calvin’s choice of a white collared shirt keeps his look fresh and classic, and ties in with his laid-back choice of solid white footwear. Though style is in his Italian blood, anyone can achieve this look of quiet confidence with some practice. Just remember- European flavor is always in good taste. 

Glasses: $0 
Collared shirt: Express$40 
Cardigan: Winter Silks, present from mom, $0 
Jeans: Levi’s, $30 
Shoes: Marshall’s, Stacy Adams, $20 
Watch: Tissot, present from dad, $0 

- Hallie Wunsch

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slightly Stoopid Plays to Save the Oceans

By: Nicole La Hoz

Equipped with mellow, grooving flows, Slightly Stoopid knows how to command. Its 2008 release, Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, fuses fast, punk riffs with cool, melodic reggae beats, leaving fingers itching to hit repeat. But when the band performs for the Save My Oceans tour March 27 at Flavet Field, Slightly Stoopid wants students to come out for a greater cause: protecting our oceans.

The cause is one that affects its surfing lifestyle and all of Earth’s inhabitants. Participant Media and Disneynature created the tour to educate students on how to protect three-quarters of the Earth. The tour goes from campus to campus encouraging students to take a pledge to help protect the oceans. Reps have been in the
Plaza of the Americas since Wednesday reaching out to students, asking them to pledge to change small lifestyle habits to reduce plastic use. Save My Oceans leads up to the release of the movie "Oceans" on April 22. Students who take the pledge will receive free access to a pre-screening of "Oceans" on April 7 at the Reitz Union Cinema.

Today’s free show, which begins at 5:30pm, is a collaboration of sounds and organizations, as UF's Student Government Productions, the Save My Oceans Tour and IRHA team up to bring the blues, punk and reggae tunes of G Love & Special Sauce and Slightly Stoopid.

Check out our interview with Slightly Stoopid drummer, RyMo and Participant Media director Youtchi von Lintel below.

RyMo, Slightly Stoopid drummer:
Well since this is about the Save My Oceans tour, how did the band get involved with it? We got a phone call from the people from Save My Oceans, and we put it all together. It worked out that we were available. We’ve also been long-time friends with G Love [& Special Sauce]. I think it came together like any other show comes together for us. It starts with a phone call and when we’re available. It’s also a cause that’s close to home for us since all of us are coastal people. We all surf a lot and live that lifestyle. It’s definitely something we want to be a part of.

So it’s an outdoor concert and Florida weather is sometimes absolutely horrible. How do you guys prepare for unpredictable things like that? We’re pretty used to it because we tour so much, so anytime we’re going into a new climate and something that’s different we try to go accordingly. We’ll tour a lot and go to ski towns. We’ve done Canada in late winter or early spring – it’s definitely cold. It affects the way you perform but once you go and the lights warm up the stage, it’s not too bad.

Are you guys working on anything new? Aside from this tour, what can we expect in the next coming months? Yes and no. We’re so used to being on the road literally seven months out of the year. We’re definitely not used to being off so much, but yeah, we enjoy being on the road. We’re all getting so antsy. I don’t know what to do with myself. We’ve been off [the road] for the last couple of months, so we’ve been able to start recording and preparing for some new albums. As of now, we just released two albums back-to-back. We decided to take it easy and work on some really great music. We’re going to probably play a couple new songs at the show. We’re just on the mode of getting prepared for the next phase, creating another album. In the short term, not really.

What can we expect from your show today? We’ll be doing our typical thing: some new, some old, some ancient stuff and mix the bag up a little bit. New and brand new, so we’ll be doing that and we’re psyched. It should be fun.

Youtchi von Lintel, Participant Media director:
How was all this presented to UF? We approached UF with a concept of being part of our social action tour and connected with Gators Going Green to make this happen on the UF campus. In addition. We were also identifying schools that were part of the Oceans movement and UF was one of them. We thought it would be a great place to educate students in Florida about the issue of pollution and conserving our oceans that exist all around them.

Where did the ideas to have an art and concert installation come from? Art affects all of us in different aspects of our lives, and it’s a great way to start conversation, dialog and curiosity, which is what we hope to accomplish with this visual display. The main initiate for the tour is plastic pollution and how it is ruining our oceans. We feel like many students have alternatives available to them besides using plastic, and this art installation is another way to get the message out. As for the concert, we feel that it is a great opportunity to get people together to raise awareness about our cause through another creative outlet. The concert also creates a word of mouth effect that gets more and more people involved.

What background information can you give me?
For all other information you can go to the Save My Oceans site. The main initiate for the tour is to get the word out about plastic pollution and one of the way is taking the pledge online. By taking the pledge you are stating that you choose to use reusable bottles and bags rather than plastic ones. We would also love to have as many Facebook fans as possible so they can get updates and information about the tour.

Watch the "Oceans" trailer:

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gators' First Perfect Game In 6 Years

On Thursday, March 25, The Gator (21-3, 4-1 SEC) softball team defeated the USF Bulls 10-0. Francesca Enea hit two home runs driving in a total of six runs. Stephanie Brombacher pitched her first perfect game as a Gator, making for the forth perfect game in Florida’s history, the last one was in 2004. In five innings, Brombacher faced 15 batters, and had 0 hits and 0 walks. On Saturday, March 27, Florida will take on the Crimson Tide for a doubleheader in Alabama.

- Photos & story by Rodney Rogers

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SXSW Sneak Peek

Photo by John Davisson

One week, one head cold and tons of photos later, intrepid cross-country concert photog John Davisson is back from Austin's celeb-packed South by Southwest (aka SXSW) music festival (and on his way to Miami for Ultra, no less). Check back on Monday for a full slideshow and major story from the event.

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Umoja's Dance Party @ The Atlantic

Photo taken from

Umoja Orchestra, a Gainesville band known for its melding of afrobeat, jazz, funk and South American styles, will play at The Atlantic tonight (3/26) with special guests Milq. Umoja Orchestra has caught the attention of many locals with its danceable beats, offering up songs that are markedly different from those of most other bands out there right now.

With instruments ranging from the keyboard to bongos to the trombone, their live show is an eclectic mixture of funky grooves that will hold the audience’s attention from the opening chords to the encore.
“It’s a good opportunity to come out, have fun and listen to a good mix of music,” says Umoja Orchestra singer Sebastián López.

Tonight the band will play a new song that no one has ever heard before, as well as a smattering of old favorites. “It’s a good atmosphere at the Atlantic,” he says. “It’s going to be a fun show with a lot of people out there dancing.”

The show, which is part of the Atlantic’s “House Party Fridays” concert series, starts at 10 pm, with tickets costing between $5 and $7. The show is open to anyone aged 18 or older with a valid ID.

- Morgan Watkins

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It's All About Genes

Music, champagne and the line to score a fitting room flowed at Thornebrooke Village boutique Dahlia during the Genetic Denim Trunk Show last night. As guests mingled and munched on cupcakes, we caught up with lots of people involved in Gainesville Fashion Week, like Wolfgang owner Matthew Turner and DJ Vijay, as well as our friends from Salon La Di Da and INsite models Chanel Bird and Nicole Whyte.

New York-based Genetic Denim fit specialist Davey Napoli (center) helped customers find jeans that “fit like their second skin.” Davey says that the Shane jeans in silver are one of the most popular pairs that they sell, and Britney Spears was even seen rocking them a few times. Christy Morgan, the owner of Dahlia (left), was sporting a cute Genetic Denim vest and says they probably sold at least 20 pairs of Genetic jeans so far. The jeans are so popular because of the soft fabrics and flattering styles, she says. INsite editor Maghan McDowell left with a pair in the straight leg Liam style (right).

“Every time customers try it on they can’t believe how soft and lightweight they are,” Christy says. Every person who tried on a pair last night was entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift card to Dahlia. See more of Dahlia, and other local Gainesville fashion hot-spots, at the upcoming series of Gainesville Fashion Week events.

—Lane Nieset; Photos by Brooke Johnson and Diandra Anwar

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dark and Sophisticated

Christopher , 21, Tecnicolor hair stylist

Christopher was seen at Lux Bar wearing a downbeat outfit that's anything but dull. In a sea of spring-time tints and St. Patrick's Day green, he added a hint of mystery to the scene with muted tones that left him looking refined. Christopher’s choice of deep blue shows us how to keep tones rich without losing all the benefits of black. His sweater is set apart from dark denim jeans with a plaid shirt in a lighter hue- adding a hint of color that breaks up the pieces and keeps the look from being drab. This urbane style is completed by killer boots that put an elegant twist on the combat trend.

Sweater: Urban Thread, 1117 W. University Ave. & 1512 NW 13th St., Oliver Hazard, $30
Collared shirt: American Apparel, $60
Jeans: Wolfgang, 1127 W Univerisity Ave., Cheap Monday, $70
Shoes: Hogan, $500

- Hallie Wunsch

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sharab's New Night

Last week's Train Wreck Wednesday at Sharab. Photo courtesy of Alex Coyle

Sharab Lounge added a new facet to its already diverse character. On Wednesday nights, a conglomeration of live music, art gallery and guest DJs will take over the downtown bar for Train Wreck Wednesdays. "We want to give Gainesville the free night it deserves," says Matt Kelly, one of the event organizers. "Every week it's going to be new art and new music."

Train Wreck Wednesday works on the premise of making the often overused term, something for everyone, true. By mixing different art mediums, musical genres and drink specials, Train Wreck Wednesdays takes care of its varied clientele. Last week Train Wreck Wednesdays began with local folk band Greenland is Melting (check out our interview with the band in the March issue out now), a photo exhibit by Fiorela Larrea and DJ Mike spinning. Drink specials included green drinks in honor of St. Patrick's Day and Mad Hat, a high-demand beer, which is only carried at Sharab.
"The distributors are very exclusive," says Matt. " And they let us have it."

Matt, a UF architecture student and bartender at Sharab, has been living in Gainesville for seven years. Originally from Palatka, Fla., only 40 miles from Gainesville, the town's art and music is what he grew up on.
"This is something that is very special to me," he says. "I want to bring more recognition to it, and show people what Gainesville has to offer."

Tonight, Train Wreck Wednesdays continues with hip-hop group The Will Brennan Group and DJ TCP. As for the drink special? Get a shot and a beer for the price of one.

-Stephanie Granada

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Gainesville Fashion Gets Personal

Gainesville Fashion Week and hosted their first Personal StyleFashion Showcase yesterday, March 23, at 7pm in the University of Florida's Reitz Union Grand Ballroom as part of Women's History Month. Featuring 25 spring looks in fresh gradients of pinks and aqua greens, the show was both Gainesville Fashion Week and Covetedlist’s first to be hosted at the UF campus.

About 125 people came out to the event, and there were a lot of new faces in the crowd, says Flavia Cervantes, assistant producer and model coordinator for GFW. “Gainesville Fashion Week is trying hard to reach out to students this year,” she says. They wanted the event to be “eye-opening” to girls and “open up regular girls on the UF campus to see what fashion is,” Flavia says.

DJs Thomas and Ernie spun music throughout the free event. The models showed off a variety of looks featuring clothing from Dahlia Boutique, Wolfgang Boutique, Mesh Boutique and designer BobbyK. Flavia says the looks were “springy and feminine” with a lot of separates, spring dresses, skirts and tops. The fashion show had looks for all body types and gave viewers a first taste of the designers that will be featured at GFW, April 7-11. "The show showed how girls can experiment with their personal style and see what Gainesville has to offer,” Flavia says. “Fashion is a lifestyle here.”

—Shekinah Johnson, photos by Andres Farfan

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Dance Tutu Your Own Beat

Follow principal dancer Andre Valladon in discovering why dancers dance in the Dance Alive National Ballet spring performance of Fused Tutu at the Phillips Center on March 27.

The eclectic show, choreographed by Kim Tuttle and Judy Skinner, will include the classic ballets
Giselle and Swan Lake but also hip-hop, African dance, an appearance by the Florida Dazzlers, motorcycles and artwork created by Olympic athletes.

“It’s really about dancers, why they love to dance and how they like to work with other artists,” Kim says.
The performance starts at 7:30pm. Tickets start at $15 and are available through Ticketmaster and the Phillips Center Box Office. Call 352-371-2986 for more information.

Follow is on Twitter for your chance to win tickets!

--Bridget Higginbotham

Check out Bridget's video of Dance Alive's Fused Tutu rehearsal:

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Denim of a New Generation

This week, we caught up with Genetic Denim fit specialist Davey Napoli, who will be helping customers find the perfect pair of jeans at Dahlia during the Genetic Denim Trunk Show this Thursday (3/25), 6-9pm. Davey studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked with the designers of the New York-based line Heatherette. He went on to represent Galina Sobolev, the designer of Single Dress (recently featured on Bravo’s Launch My Line), before joining the Genetic Denim team in 2009. Look for Davey to match you with your perfect celeb-worth jeans this Thursday, and enjoy a DJ, champagne, discounts and a chance to win a gift card for the store for everyone who tries on a pair of Genetic jeans. Here's some background:

What is a fit specialist? Someone with an in-depth knowledge of what makes Genetic different from other jeans. As each person has a different genetic code, they have a different shape. We make jeans that accentuate women’s assets and fits to their body types. We offer fits for every woman.

What advice do you have for women trying on jeans? It’s all about comfort! We all have a variety of different fits, but there’s one pair of jeans in every one of our closets that we wear the most. Picture your favorite pair of jeans. Chances are, they are your most comfortable pair, and when you are wearing another pair, you would rather be wearing that favorite pair. A well-fitting pair of jeans should give you a surge of empowerment, knowing you look amazing.

What do you like most about Genetic Denim? The way they feel. Celebrities love Genetic. Countless A-List celebs wear our jeans and are often spotted in airports wearing GD. Why? Because they are sooo comfy!! Our denim is the softest denim in the market. The lightweight, super-soft denim often surprises customers at how structured they feel on. They really hold you in and make you feel your slimmest and most comfortable!

Any good stories about fitting someone or helping a celebrity? We’re fortunate to have a lot of celebrity fans and support. We’re often told we are their favorite by them or their stylist. We’ve seen photos of Reese Witherspoon, Shakira, Halle Berry and Ashley Tisdale in the same jeans photographed multiple times in the same week! That’s the ultimate compliment.

—Lane Nieset

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Polished Vintage

Caption: Tiffany, UF Alumni '09

Tiffany Feria, spotted at Gainesville's Speakeasy lounge, downtown, shows us that the best thing you can inherit from your mother might just be her antique apparel. Pairing simple skinnies with a long, lean blazer is the perfect way to way to keep warm on a cool Florida night. Cream coloring adds sophistication to any look, and is paired perfectly with warm-toned accessories. Her tan, brown-trimmed Longchamp is coupled with brown, heeled-sandals for a seasonally flawless feel. Red polish ties it all together for an elegant ensemble- inspired by mom.

Blazer: Suitsme, Mom's closet

Jeans: Levi's, $57

Bag: Longchamp, Mom's closet

Shoes: Aldo, $60

- Hallie Wunsch

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Andy Samberg. Need we say more?

Before Andy Samberg had JT putting his D*** In A Box and had T-Pain On A Boat, he was a college student just like you and me. Tonight he goes back to his collegiate roots to teach us how to go from graduates to Emmy-winning, satire-producing, internet sensation comedians. Andy Samberg, one half of the funniest boy group around, The Lonely Island, has also showed off his chops as an actor in "I Love You Man" and "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." Not to mention his steady spot on Saturday Night Live.
Tonight (3/23), ACCENT brings Andy Samberg to the O'Connell Center at 8pm. Doors are at 7pm, but we recommend you get there early to even have a chance to get into this free event.

Check out one of our favorite Lonely Island videos:

And since that probably left you wanting more, browse The Lonely Island's page for more LOL videos.


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hip Traditional

Tilton, UF psychology major, business & theater minor

Tilton keeps them guessing with modern twists on classic styles. This Gainesville resident shows how traditional blazers in cool hues take your look from conventional to captivating when paired with basic plaid. The sophistication of a monochromatic scarf is balanced with the simplicity of super skinny 510 jeans and converse sneakers, making us re-think our philosophy on conservative style.

Scarf: American Apparel, $15
Shirt: Neiman Marcus, $70

Jacket: Banana Republic, $55

Jeans: Levi's, $54

Shoes, Converse, $45

- Hallie Wunsch

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Gator Gymnastics defeats Utah

Gators (9-2, 5-1 SEC) closed their regular season with a win over Utah Friday.

It was senior night for the No. 5 Gators Gymnastics Team Friday at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center. Five seniors were honored after the meet with No. 9 Utah. After a week off, the Gators closed their regular season with a win over Utah 197.55 to196.50. The Gators captured each event: Vault; Nicole Ellis 9.925, Bars; Amanda Castill 9.95, Beam; Marissa King 9.90, Floor; Ashanee Dickerson 9.95, and All-Around; Marissa King 39.575

--Rodney Rogers

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PKT Oasis Party

We scoped out PKT's Oasis Party Saturday night, and found out why the fraternity's parties are so highly buzzed about. For the first time since 2005, PKT dropped 25 tons of sand for its Oasis party. It was a night of fiery, tropical madness as partygoers danced under waterfalls, waded in kiddie pools the guys dug out and lounged under a 20 foot pyramid.
We hope Oasis lives on next year!

-- Filipe Deandrade

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Gator Baseball sweeps series against MSU

This weekend Florida took on Mississippi State in its SEC opener at McKethan Stadium.
In the Friday night game, Florida defeated MSU 7-2. On Saturday the Gators locked in the 3 game series defeating MSU a second time with a 5-4 win. Sunday the game started out slow with a 1-1 tie in the second inning, and the game remained scoreless until Austin Maddox hit a three-run homer in the eighth inning to give the Gators a 4-1 win and sweeping the series.

--Rodney Rogers

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox Celebration

Today, the earth's axis is aligned in a way that both day and night will be of approximately equal lengths. This twice yearly phenomenon, known as an equinox, will be celebrated at Santa Fe Community College with a day filled with lectures, crafts, activities and planetarium shows. Starting at 3pm and running until 11pm, the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium and the Natural Sciences Department at Santa Fe College, along with the Alachua Astronomy Club, presents the 2010 Equinox Moon Celebration.

The event offers attendees a chance to come closer to the astronomical objects that rule our skies with a meteorite display, telescopes to view the moon, astronomical art and a new planetarium show. Activities are free, and for this special day, planetarium visitors can enjoy half-priced shows- $2.50 for adults, $2 for children and $5 for the Music 360 shows.

The planetarium is located at 3000 NW 83rd Street, Building X-129. For a full schedule of events click here.


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Chili on the Landing Strip

On March 8th, the Gainesville Regional Airport was the host of more than just continental travel. The 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off benefitting the March of Dimes had contestants vying for the title of Best Chili at the airport. The event offered up 20 different types of chili from mild to spicy, meaty to vegetarian- a variety to suit everyone in the crowd. The cook-off also offered raffled prizes like $25 Wal-Mart gift cards and $50 gas cards.

- Filipe Deandrade

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Travel to Bollywood

Photo by Sean Kelly
Spice up your month and experience the colors, sounds and smells of India at the 10th Annual India Fest tomorrow (3/20), presented by the India Cultural and Education Center.

“I think people will feel like they’re apart of India,” says Uma Sethuram, event coordinator.

This year’s theme is “Jai Ho!” and shares its name with a Hindi song from the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Playing up Bollywood, the event will showcase talent, music and dance. The ICEC is enthusiastic to educate about the unique cultures of the diverse states of India with food, games, jewelry, and henna.

“We are proud to be Americans but we are also proud of our Indian culture,” Uma says.

The fest runs from 10am to 6pm in the Santa Fe College gymnasium, building V. Parking is free and admissions is $3, but free for children ages 4 and under. For more information visit

--Bridget Higginbotham

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Trendy and Thrifty

Krissy, 20, UF English and Linguistics junior

In the sun-kissed chill of Charleston, SC, we found this Gator walking the streets in style in a chocolate brown leather jacket from her favorite discount shopping locale, Goodwill. Paired with the neo-classic dark denim skinny jean, this structured jacket gives her outfit character and edge. Just in time for spring, Krissy chooses gradients of orange with her bag and blouse for pops of color. What’s inside Krissy’s closet? A cheerful mix of indie chic pieces reminiscent of Urban Outfitters, loads of skinny jeans, and vintage fashions retrieved anywhere from neighborhood thrift store to her mother’s wardrobe.

Leather Jacket: Goodwill, $5

Blouse: Forever 21

Scarf: Target

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Booties: The Goodwill, $3

Handbag: UrbanOutfitters, $10

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

- Seraine Page

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival

Be educated, enlightened and entertained at any of the many events during the First Annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival March 19 through 28.

A collaborative effort of the Hippodrome Theatre and, the festival will include films and documentary screenings, forums, workshops, galleries and tours of natural resources—all raising awareness of environmental issues. On March 28, there will be a fair with area environmental organizations downtown.

“If you go to one of the films and come out feeling really concerned about an environmental topic—say, water—then there will be people who deal with water issues at the fair,” says Trish Riley, event organizer.
For more information, visit the
Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival Web site.

--Bridget Higginbotham

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Eccentric Pinup

Jessica, UF journalism grad, CRC photographer

Jessica was seen at Lux Bar in downtown Gainesville wearing this colorful, vintage-inspired ensemble. Jessica mixes old with new, cheap with chic, and shades with color to give an original perspective on this timeless feminine style. Her muted floral dress is paired with simple, smoky accessories, and topped off with a vibrant denim jacket for an unexpected splash of color.

Dress: Wolfgang, 1127 W. University Ave., $40

Jacket: thrift store, $5

Tights: Target, $2

Shoes: thrift store, $2

Headband: Forever 21, $4

-Hallie Wunsch

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blue-Collared Cool

John, 20, Advertising

John defines casual comfort in a fitted knit sweater, denim jacket and ash grey jeans. Completed with chocolate brown Doc Martin boots, John's look is so hip it hurts. In true hipster fashion, John insists the words "cohesive" and "relaxed" are his daily style mantras. What's in John's closet? H&M, APC, Urbanoutfitters as well as fashions from trendy boutiques like NYC's Uniqlo and YNC.

Sweater: Bloomingdales, $80
Jeans: H&M, $20
Denim Jacket: $15
Knit Hat: Nike, $10
Boots: Doc Marten, $90

-Shekinah Johnson

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We, we can all use a little luck of the Irish. Here's where you can go to strike gold tonight:

Wanna strip down? To celebrate St. Pat's, Jeff's Deli is hosting a Green Bikini Contest. Including: A green menu, green shots, bagpipes, Irish dancers, Irish karaoke... Oh my.

Grog House is now 18 and up again, and tonight for the bar's St. Patty's Day Bash you can enjoy free beer for 9-10pm and free drinks for ladies 'til 12:30 a.m. Tip: ask about their green beer and find Joey Friedman for shots!

Join Capt. Morgan and his girl at XS/ Gator City for green beer all night, and Capt. Morgan samples and giveaways.

Sharab kicks off its Train Wreck Wednesdays today with local band Greenland is Melting and featured artist Fiorela Larrea. In honor of the holiday enjoy $1 green well beer, $6 Irish Car Bombs and $3 Magic Hats all night. Tip: Sharab is the only downtown bar carrying Magic Hat.

At Lux Bar, Modern Amusement Wednesdays, St. Pat's edition, comes with doors opening at 6pm, $5 Irish Car Bombs, $5 Irish Martinis, $2 green draft beer and a $5 Becks and whiskey shot special.

Rue Bar is adding a comedy show to the festivities tonight starting at 8:30pm, featuring comedians Nick Harvey and Rosalind McCoy. Stay for the afterparty filled with music and drink specials, including Irish car bombs, Guinness and green beer.

And of, course don't forget to visit all the pubs: Brophy's Irish Pub, Durty Nelly's Irish Pub, Mother's, Copper Monkey. Oh what a night...


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gator Baseball win 3 game series

The No.6 Gator Baseball team wins a 3 game series over Charleston Southern 2-1. The No. 6 University of Florida Baseball faced off with Charleston Southern Friday in the first of a 3 game series this weekend at McKethan Stadium. The Gators defeated CSU, 6-0, to begin the series. Saturday the Gators and CSU had the bats swinging in a slugfest with a total of 26 points scored during the game. At the end the Gators were on top 16-10. On Sunday Charleston Southern jumped out to an early lead and held it for a 6-3 victory over the Gators.

--Rodney Rogers

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Nerd Chic

Sam Marziale, Fat Tuscan Server

Sam was spotted in downtown Gainesville, keeping warm on a chilly night with this fitted, brown leather jacket. His stylish outerwear adds mystique to the self-proclaimed "nerdy" polish that lies beneath. The classic pairing of a collared shirt and sweater is livened up with his use of vibrant color in a bold blue. Skinny jeans and thrift store boots tie it all together for a look you can take anywhere.

Jacket, H&M, $70

Collared shirt, Gap, $40

Sweater (womens), Gap, $10

Jeans, Cheap Monday, $65
Ocala thrift store, $2.50

- Hallie Wunsch

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wine of the Week

"What wine goes best with pizza?" This is a question I've heard many times in my 20 years of selling wine in Gainesville. There are a number of possibilities, but I recently found a perfect pairing option, and from Italy no less - the country that perfected the pizza. Carpineto's Dogajolo, a wine I had at this year's Celebration of Wine is a great option, but it can also work for classier Italian menus like lasagna, manicotti, and plain old spaghetti and meatballs.

For about $12 per bottle, you get a Tuscan red blend of 80 percent Sangiovese and 20 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, what we in the biz call a "Super Tuscan" style. This refers to the fact that it's not a historical blend like Tuscany's Chianti, but uses "foreign" varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon with Tuscany's own Sangiovese (literally "the blood of Jove"). The bottle has an explosion of leaves on the front and an interesting, though often mispronounced name. It isn't rare for people to ask me for the "Doggy Loo Loo" wine.

This wine has a vibrant red color, almost ruby, with a little rust tinge at the edges. It has enough bright, red fruit acidity to pair perfectly with red-sauce, fully loaded pizza. Hints of almond and dried fruits hit you on the first whiff, and tart red currants or cherries hit the palate, with a finish that hints of cedar and spice box. Even with that addition of Cabernet, this is a medium-bodied wine that goes with loads of food options.

Although the wine is affordable, it comes in a very classy package, making it appropriate for all levels of wining. The 2008 is the current release and it is ready to drink, but you can always let it breathe, if it has a little more Old World acidity than you are accustomed to. Cheers!

-Daniel Eddy, Manager at Gator Spirits & Fine Wines, Westgate and Gainesville Wine Pairing Examiner

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GFW Poolside Shoot

Spring was definitely in full force Sunday (3/15) at University House - 13th Street, where Gainesville Fashion Week held its first official photo shoot. Girls came out in bikinis to enjoy the sun, food and DJs at the pool, while models mingled inside. The models, clad in all black, received hair touch-ups by Bryan Sepp from Avant Garde Salon and posed for portfolio shots, one of the perks the models receive.

We recognized a few faces, including a couple previous INsite cover models, and we met a bunch of new models. GFW Producer Tiffany Williams says this year had the largest turn-out for models and GFW is using a lot of new faces. There are 36 women and 15 men walking in the shows this year.

This shoot was one of the first events in preparation for Gainesville Fashion Week, which will kick off with an invitation-only Red Carpet Event and public Art Opening on April 7. The runway shows run from April 8 through April 10, and they will feature local boutiques and designers, such as Dahlia and Bobby K, as well as national independent designers.

Tiffany says GFW had two independent designers in the fall, and they will feature four this season. This spring’s GFW will also bring back the art show aspect and will feature something different each night to bring in the creative element, Tiffany says. INsite will be at the Red Carpet Event doing a meet and greet with our cover model finalists, so don’t forget to submit your application. See you on the red carpet!

--Lane Nieset; Photos by Alexis Patterson

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